Pistons-Lakers: Nov. 14 Game of The Day

Anthony OrlandoCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

Your game of the day for this Friday, November 14, is a good one, folks.

A classic NBA matchup of two of the best teams in the NBA over the past several years.:  Detroit Pistons (6-2) at Los Angeles Lakers (7-0). TV: ESPN, ESPN360.com, 10:30 p.m. ET.


Heck, if you need to find a reason to watch it, watch it because L.A. is the only unbeaten team left in the NBA, and they have to beat a hell of an opponent to keep the streak alive.

Tons of great match ups here, the funnest to watch always being the Richard Hamilton-Kobe Bryant battle. These two love playing against each other, and it always turns into a highly competitive matchup. They'll be running around all night, that is one thing I can promise.

And the Lakers get their first chance to see the new-look Pistons, with A.I. in uniform. So if the Hamilton-Bryant duo doesn't work for you, A.I. versus Kobe is always fun to watch. I'm going to say Kobe scores more tonight.

The Pistons are going to have trouble stopping Paul Gasol down low. They are in complete disarray when it comes to their post players. Rasheed Wallace is getting old, and can't exert as much energy against the best big men in the league anymore, because it takes away how he performs offensively.

That means you'll either have Wallace on Gasol, or a combo of Kwame Brown/Amir Johnson on Gasol. Either way, Gasol has the advantage if he asserts himself.

The Winner

In fact, I like Bryant and Gasol to have big games tonight. The Pistons just came off a tough-fought win against the Golden State Warriors last night, and they aren't even that good a basketball team.

Bottom line is the Pistons are still trying to find themselves, and the Lakers are already looking to be in championship form. I don't even see this being that close really, but it's tougher to see the Pistons getting blown out with A.I. around now, who can keep them in a game by himself.

Lakers win, 106-89.