No Clinton Portis Could Spell Doom in DC for the Redskins

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

In this weekend's NFC East showdown, the Redskins look to take on the division rival without Clinton Portis who is listed as doubtful for the Sunday night game against the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are on the ropes and the return of Tony Romo is imminent. This game has the making to mangle the playoff race for the division, and more importantly the conference.

As always in this rivalry, expect a hard-hitting, in-your-face game, but with a distinct advantage going to the Dallas Cowboys, although the Redskins clearly are having a better year up to now, it seems like timing for an injury, however unfortunate, is giving the Cowboys a legitimate shot to turn their season around.

The Redskins can win this game, as Jason Campbell is a blossoming star in the league, but with Ladell Betts coming off the DL, and a washed up Shaun Alexander as the only other viable option, it will be hard to pull off the victory.

Give Redskins Coach Zorn the benefit of the doubt and imagine his experience in the league can come up with a gameplan to make up for the absence of the MVP candidate.

If he can do that, the Redskins have a shot.  The west coast offense is capable of maintaining a run like pass game through short dink and dunks however as we have seen without the run...defenses tend to pin their ears back and blitz from all angles. 

Either way look for a hard fought battle Sunday night and a close game as Dallas returns to the playoff picture with a hard fought 23-20 win in the nation's capital.