New York Yankees: It's Time to Do Work!

Andrew GallagherContributor INovember 14, 2008

It's no secret that the Yankees have a lot of work to do this offseason.  The Yankees will primarily focus on starting pitching and some hitting.  They will go after players such as CC Sabathia, Manny Ramirez, and Mark Teixeira.  However there are still some holes in their line-ups that need filling. 

The New York Yankees have a long standing tradition of being able to bring in the best talent on the market so it will be an interesting offseason with so much talent out there. 

The Yankees have said that they are going to focus on pitching, but they have already made a move to get switch hitting Nick Swisher who can bring the big bat at any moment. 

They have also freed up their money by releasing Jason Giambi, Carl Pavano and others. 

The New York Yankees should be able to get Sabathia and A.J. Burnett. If not, then they will most likely pursue All-Star pitcher Ben Sheets.  Either way the Yankees are determined to get more talent at the starting pitching role. 

Another thing is that they will be able to get either Ramirez or Teixeira because they will have a lot of money left to get players.  Either way this turns out it should be a great offseason!