Wrestling: Divas We Want to See More of (or Less Of) on the Beach

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 24, 2011

Wrestling: Divas We Want to See More of (or Less Of) on the Beach

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    The summer is almost over. the sun, the sand and the surf will be a faded memory.

    As we get back to reality of life and a look toward the cooler months, wouldn't it be nice to remember the finer things in life that put a smile on our face?

    Imagine walking down the beach and seeing Candice Michelle or Michelle McCool or Ivory for that matter tanning and enjoying the rays. Maybe they ask for some help with suntan lotion (yes, it's a stretch, but its the imagery I am going for).

    Maybe they strike up a conversation. Okay, back to that reality.

    But the sight of a few divas to make the summer complete wouldn't hurt, now would it?

Stacy Carter

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    What a great way to start things off with "Kat", one of the most controversial divas in WWE history.

    Whether she is a brunette or blond, she is sure to turn heads- especially when she is willing to show a little skin to get some attention.

Alicia Fox

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    That is exactly what I am talking about.

    Alicia Fox is stunning! And some of her pictures in lingerie and swimwear will definitely make us want to see more

Angelina Love

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    In the immortal words of Diamond Dallas Page, "Good God!"

    Angelina just looks sexy in those heels and with those tats. I am not really crazy about the character she is playing right now on TNA, but I can live with it.

    Angelina can wrestle, which matters to me and looks pretty good in a bikini.


April Hunter

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    A reader told me about April, and well, I had to do some research.

    How in the world could I have missed this one.

    That read hair and that body is amazing.

    Oh yea, and don't forget about the tattoo.

Ashley Massaro

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    Ashley is no longer in the WWE, but boy we wish she were.

    Blond hair and athletic. She was on Survivor, so you know she is one tough cookie.

    Very nice, indeed.

The Bella Twins

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    Why have one when you can have two?

    Two gorgeous Italian women who are toned and look great not only in red, but also on the beach.

    That is a winning combination.

Beth Phoenix

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    I would love to see her in that outfit, in that position on the beach.

    I know i am asking a lot, but I can dream, can't I?

    Beth looks like she is ready to explore new ground in that get up.

Beulah McGillicutty

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    I do not know a lot about Beulah, but I know one thing to be true.

    Any blond who wears a white dress like that draws a lot of attention, especially on the beach.

Brooke Tessmacher

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    Almost have nothing to say.

    Ms. Tessmacher is one half of the TNA tag team champions. She is a winner on every level.

    And she is as pretty as an woman on the planet.

Candice Michelle

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    You can tell she really loves the water.

    Front side, back side, it does not matter.

    Any side is a good side for Candice.


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    Who would have thought this hottie would have such a dark aura that would fit perfectly in ECW and TNA?

    Daffney is a veteran of the ring wars and even with the "darkside" she resides in, her body is pretty hot.

    And as proof, she looks pretty amazing in a bikini.


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    You remember Carmella, don't you?

    Former WWE diva who is married to former NFL quarterback, Jeff Garcia and former Playboy Playmate.

    She was smoking hot back then. And she is smoking hot now.

    And with that outfit she is wearing, there is no doubt she could turn all the boys' heads.

Christy Hemme

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    Boy, do I love redheads!

    Christy is now the ring announcer for TNA. And judging by the looks of things, she knows the proper way to advertise her job and the company she works for.


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    Sometimes, she looks masculine.

    Sometimes, she looks like a robot.

    Sometimes, she just looks HOT!

    This is one of those times.

Dawn Marie

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    I don't think anyone makes red satin sheets look better than Dawn Marie in the black outfit.



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    I will admit I am not a big fan of Eve, the wrestling Diva.

    But I am a fan of Eve, the roll around in sand on the beach Diva.

    Yes, there is a difference.

Gail Kim

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    She is one of my Top-5 all time favorite divas.

    She is athletic, sexy and seductive.

    And in the ring, she does nothing but kick ass.

    My kind of gal.

Gorgeous George

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    There is nothing wrong with a blond woman standing for a picture with weights in her hands.

    We want to thank the late Randy Savage for introducing us to this lovely woman.

Jackie Gayda

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    Our loss is Charlie Haas' gain.

    So beautiful and stunning. She made spandex pants one of my favorite items of clothing.

    We miss her outside the ring in her valet/manager role.

Kelly Kelly

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    Okay, guys. She is growing on me.

    From the beautiful beaches of North Florida, I present Kelly Kelly.

    The current Divas Champion could win a few more hearts in the warm waters of the coast with an outfit like that.

Rhaka Khan

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    She is an exotic beauty that just screams, "Look at me".

    Khan is certainly one to turn heads on the beach in that outfit.


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    Not sure what kind of print that is on her top, but what ever it is, it got my attention.

    I assume Layla will do the same thing when she is walking with the sand between her toes.

Kimberly Page

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    She was known as the head of the Nitro Girls and was married to Diamond Dallas Page.

    He was a very lucky man.

    Kimberly showed off a few dancing skills on the set of Nitro and then wowed us in some very sexy outfits.

    This bikini is one of them.


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    Finding Winter under the tree would make any man happy.

    Finding her in that outfit would be a cherry on top of the sundae.


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    She is an all time favorite.

    Whether in WWE or TNA, Tara (or Victoria) is a knockout.

    Tall, muscular and the red highlights in her hair- oh my!

    A true beauty anywhere she goes.

Velvet Sky

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    There's my girl.

    I am a dirty old man, and I know it.

    Velvet Sky is the reason I watch TNA week after week.

    Can you blame me?


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    I am so glad I was able to appreciate what a gorgeous woman she is while she was in the WWE.

    Lita did things that no other woman did in the ring at that time. And her connection to the Hardys aided in her being a world success.

    And when she is in front of the camera, she is nothing but spectacular.

Madison Rayne

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    OK, guys, the woman with the tattoo (yes, saw you looking), is now a brunette!

    I hope that did not make you change your mind about how hot she is.

Maria Kanellis

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    In that outfit, she looks like she is on the prowl.

    The look in her eyes says she is ready for anything.

    The thought in my head is, "I hope so!"


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    Not crazy about her accent, but I cannot deny how stunning she is.

    That outfit just proves that she looks amazing in things other than the tight dresses she wears on television in the WWE.

Michelle McCool

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    It is too bad she is no longer in the company, because face or heel, she was smoking.

    The Undertaker is a very, very lucky man.

    Did I mention "lucky"?

    That zebra print would only look good on a body like that.


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    I really miss seeing her on camera.

    From the time she arrived in the WWE, she has been turning heads and now that she is gone, we are turning our heads, wondering where she is.

    Oh well, guess well have to look at pictures like these to remind us what we are missing.

Mickie James

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    Oh Mickie, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind.

    OK, I am not good at singing, but you get the point.

    Hot, hot, hot!


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    I wonder if Rosa got those beads by going to Mardi Gras.

    Who cares how she got them, she just kooks good wearing them.


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    Still stunning after all these years.

    There is nothing more that needs to be said.

Stacy Keibler

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    I know, I did not get a view of her legs. But this picture in this white bikini and that look on he face truly shows what a beauty she is.

    She is really missed by the WWE faithful.

Terri Runnels

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    I don't know how old she is.

    I don't care how old she is.

    She was beautiful back in the day.

    And she is beautiful now.

    What a body!

Torrie Wilson

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    I don't think anyone has made blue look so good.

    Torrie is still one put together lady.

Traci Brooks

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    You know what they say about those librarian types.

    Actually, I dare you to find a woman that looks like this in your local library.

    All i know is, if Traci Brooks was in my library I would definitely ask her to read me a story.

Trish Stratus

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    OK, if she does not have the best backside in wrestling, then I don't know who does.

    Trish is Christmas and Hanukkah and my Birthday all rolled into one.

    I guess what I am saying is- she is pretty freaking HOT!