Tom Brady Is Overrated: It's Official

Peter GallegosContributor INovember 14, 2008

The recent success of Matt Cassel and the New England Patriots is the cause for great celebration, not only for the faithful Patriot fans, but also for all the truly knowledgeable football fans who see Tom Brady as the luckiest professional athlete of all time.

The understanding minority that have not been duped by the persistent hype and glorification of this average quarterback finally have the proof that has been overlooked and hidden under the ESPN hoopla.

Matt Cassel represents the truth.

Systems make teams dominant, not QBs, not star wide receivers. Matt Cassel still needs the Patriots' defense to be as good as they were four years ago, and then he can be the next "Hall-of-Fame quarterback."

Yes, Tom Brady has been on championship teams, but he has not won the championships. He has contributed to the team as a solid leader on offense and completed the tasks he was assigned for the most part. But he was part of the team that won. He didn't win them himself. 

So does that make him the best QB ever? Not even close, says Matt Cassel.

If Cassel didn't fit the above criteria, why is Brady a hero and Cassel not? Cassel will not likely win the Lombardi Trophy because the team isn't as good as it used to be. But what's with his numbers? How can he pass for 400 yards and run for 60 and not be as good or at least compared to Tom Brady?

If compared to Tom Brady, then why not some of the best QBs of all time? Is it too ridiculous to compare Cassel with John Elway? If so, why not Brady with Elway? Rings?

Tom Brady would not even be in the league if he had been drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, or even my beloved Oakland Raiders.

The Pats were on their way to a championship when Bill Belichick started coaching.

Tom Brady is the most overrated QB of all time and should never be discussed in the same breath as Steve Young, Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre, or John Elway.

These QBs have had teams built around them and succeededtheir talent is timeless. They all have strong arms and can run with the ball enough to be a threat. They all came through during crunch time and are great leaders on the field.

Brady has alright arm strength and is a good field leader. However, he lacks mobility like the aforementioned QBs and, although hyped up to be clutch, is found wanting.

If he kicked the field goals instead of Adam Vinatieri, then I would give him two out of four. However, when Mr. Brady finally experienced an offensive line that didn't dominate the line of scrimmage, he cost the Pats the Super Bowl by missing some key throws late in the third and forth quarters on third down against the New York Giants.

So why my obsession with letting the world know that Tom Brady is overrated? The answer is plain and simple. The Snow Job or Tuck Rule.

When Tom didn't admit that he was lucky or benefited from a bad call, I thought to myself, "What is this guy hiding behind?"

Then I realized, Tom Brady knows how bad Tom Brady actually is. He is like Zoolander, Le Tigre, Blue Steel...they are all the same. I am tired of feeling like I am taking crazy pills.

The truth will be revealed and Matt Cassel is the first of many messengers to come.