Sports Leading the Race Toward Social Hypocricsy Among Minority Groups

Gary AydContributor IAugust 23, 2011

Can sporst help society come to an accord on the issue of race?
Can sporst help society come to an accord on the issue of race?

Is Progress Toward Racial Equality Being Blocked by Hypocritical Social Values?

I don’t like to use the word “hate.” Just the very sound of it conjures up images of blood, violence and war in my mind.  However, there are those times that there is simply no other word that can adequately describe the depths of your dislike for something (hopefully not someone). 

For me this seemingly ever-expanding social acceptance of racial hypocrisy is one of those times. 

Let me explain. 

As most of you know at one point in our history, minorities, specifically blacks were treated as less than equal, and if you go back far enough (slavery Jim Crow laws etc) even less than human at times. 

In the period following the emancipation of the slaves up until the last quarter of the 20Th century, 1865-1985 we will say, there was unquestionably a direr need for drastic forceful legislation to help the repressed minority population establish itself and get on their proverbial feet. 

You could make the argument the greatest progress towards the goal of equality occurred between 1947 and 1965.  You could also make the argument that without Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball in 1947, and without the continued courageous efforts of other pioneer black athletes like Muhammad Ali, Bill Russell, Larry Doby, Jim Brown and others the progress of the “civil rights era” never would have occurred. 

Now that history class is over lets get back to the point of this article, my use of the word “hate” to describe my feelings towards racial hypocrisy; and what exactly I mean by that. 

It is 2011 we have a black president, an abundance of exceedingly famous admired and rich minority athletes and overall minorities now have the opportunity… let me say that again the OPPORTUNITY to be successful without society standing in the way. 

And that is all wonderful and I am truly happy society has made these steps in the years and decades before my life began; it makes my life that much better and it makes dating a black women which I currently do that much easier.

Where I have a problem is when things like what happened in Augusta, Georgia last year occur.

 A group of white men decided they were interested in having a basketball league designed and intended explicitly for them; that is to say only white guys are allowed to play. 

How would mainstream society react to that? Probably something like this:

OMG YOU SAID WHAT? Oh no, how could you be so racist? That is regressing the progress of our fathers, and on and on the complaints would go. 

My question is how is that any different than having a “black student union” at a college? Or the dozens of black associations currently in existence?

I just now did a simple Google search with the words “black association of” and came back with a drop down list of four to five associations like black physiologists, black sociologists, black cardiologists and black journalists. 

These organizations all serve a purpose and I have no problem with their existence. In fact I encourage racial unity among one group of people to build up social status or create a sense of family.  But why then is it acceptable only for minorities to organize these race-specific associations?

Why when a Caucasian tries to assemble an organization designed to enhance and advance to cause of white people is it met with such social backlash from both black and white? 

Have we as a society forgot what the goal of advancing the cause of repressed minorities was in the first place 60 years ago?

I’ll remind you: To achieve a greater sense of EQUALITY. 

Whether you believe full and complete equality has been achieved can be debated, what cannot be debated however is the fact that in the year 2011 the landscape along the racial divide is much improved; And that my friend is a great thing.

However, until we get over this paranormal fear that equates white unity with racism we cannot take the next step in our societies goal for full racial equality. 

And I hate that.