Crying Ty Willingham: It’s Not Because You Are Black

Christopher Williams@@6thCLagniappeCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

It appears Ty Willingham is not happy with the declining numbers of minority head coaches in College Football. Before I go on, you can read more about this topic at the following link.

In a day and age in which the United States of America elected its first African-American president, is the hiring of (or lack of) minority head coaches really an issue?

Does anyone honestly believe a university will not hire a black coach they know can build a winning program just for the fact he is black? In today’s world, the goal is to win, and it does not matter what color a person’s skin is. If he can win, he will get a job.

At one point, I used to have respect for Ty Willingham, but his continuing crying over the lack of minority coaches is getting old. Simply put, if he was able to win he would still have a job as the head coach of the University of Washington.

With this said, a head coach works his way up to be a head coach. So Ty, how many minority coordinators do you have? You think you can give more minorities a chance to work their way up to head coach?

Does anyone think the lack of minority coaches is an issue, or is it blown out of proportion?