WWE: Will WWE Ever Have John Cena Win or Lose Cleanly?

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 23, 2011

What do I mean when I ask for John Cena to win or lose cleanly?

I mean no interference, no distractions, no screw jobs, no gimmick matches like a table match or anything else.

He walks into a match with CM Punk or Alberto Del Rio or The Miz, and he either wins or loses with his wrestling skills in the ring.

I am talking about the big guys and not mid-carders, such as people like the former tag-team champions or some quick match they put John Cena in randomly on Raw. 

I ask this because I notice it all the time when it comes to John Cena.

Especially in the John Cena and CM Punk feud, they have not beaten each other cleanly. The MITB match is the exception, because they needed a reason for Vince to leave WWE on camera. 

However, when it comes to the matches after that, there is not a clean victory.

The SummerSlam match saw John Cena a victim of a bad call. He had his foot on the rope with Triple H right in front of it and claimed to not see it. He counted him down and CM Punk won.

WWE could have had CM Punk win cleanly and still have the exact situation they are in right now. Instead they chose to do what they did.


This week on Raw, John Cena won the No. 1 contenders match against Punk after a distraction from Kevin Nash, who was announced to be at the hospital. 

The plan is to continue the CM Punk and Kevin Nash feud into the fall to compete with the Monday Night Football ratings.

However, can WWE ever just have one man beat the other without some weird circumstances being involved?

WWE does not want them to seem weak, but that does not mean one cannot beat the other.

CM Punk has owned John Cena in one-on-one matches, and up until Raw this week he never lost to Cena.

It is not a bad thing for one big guy to lose to another cleanly. In the Attitude Era it happened all the time, and the fans never thought less of that person. It seems right now the WWE are incapable of doing this. 

There many events and examples of how John Cena can never lose cleanly to anyone. This has gone on for a while. The last time it happened was against Batista at SummerSlam 2008.

Three years ago.

It also appears that John Cena will not lose or win cleanly to anyone in the main event any time soon.

He is facing Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio is capable of winning cleanly against his opponents, and recently has shown that he can wrestle well and put on a great match.

While this will be the case at NOC, everyone knows Alberto Del Rio will win. WWE has to establish him as a credible champion. Since he is a heel in this case he will so something dirty to win.

Hence John Cena not losing cleanly again.

After that, John Cena has his feud with The Rock, and everyone knows neither of them are going to look too weak because WWE has to establish both of them being strong in order to sell the event at WrestleMania XXVIII.

It does not appear John Cena will win or lose cleanly to anyone for a long while. I do not understand why. Right now it seems like WWE, while improving greatly, still have this problem.

This is a problem and one that will make them suffer in the long run because of their unwillingness to have John Cena lose cleanly once in a while.

I can only hope they can see it before it gets any worse.

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