Monday Night RAW Analysis: Who Is Telling the Truth to CM Punk?

Ryan KennedyAnalyst IIAugust 23, 2011

Ignoring for a minute that John Cena is next in line to get a title shot, the biggest storyline coming out of RAW last night might have been the colossal cover-up between Kevin Nash and Triple H.

Triple H and Nash seem to think that the average viewer or CM Punk can’t figure out that if Nash and Triple H are such great friends, you would imagine that they would have saved each others number in their respective cell phones. I mean, honestly, who knows phone numbers anymore?

So on the off chance that Triple H and Nash are so technologically behind the times that they can’t save their contacts, why would Nash just assume that a text message was from Triple H?

Maybe Nash recognized the number as one belonging to Triple H. Maybe there was some secret bro-code language they use. Maybe it was signed, “Love, Triple H.” No one knows and the "transparency" is just as clouded as when their “clearing of the air” happened last night.

To make this plot even more confusing, Triple H and Nash are now having their own issues over Triple H not being the bad boy he once was and instead being a company man. One could assume that with Nash being so upset about Triple H’s new business outlook, he truly thought Triple H was the one trying to get one over on CM Punk.

There is one way in which this could all be resolved with integrity kept in tact and it was hinted at during SummerSlam. Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H and Stephanie are married, so it would make sense that she would have access to Triple H’s cell phone and would have some inclination as to how Triple H and Nash interact. She would have the inside intelligence to make this happen, assuming both men are telling the truth.

Stephanie is the constant butt of CM Punk's tirades with Triple H. Rather than defend his wife, Triple H let's it go so he can be a good COO and not get physical. CM Punk is using Stephanie to goad Triple H and he knows Triple H won't do anything about it. That doesn't mean Stephanie won't.

After listening to this for so long, she might as well take action into her own hands since Triple H won't. Since she clearly can't take on CM Punk herself, why not find someone who is bigger and badder to get the job done. Why not enlist a family friend in Nash? It's the only explanation.

Back to the text message. What is most likely happening is that both are telling the truth just doing so in a very vague manner. Sure, Triple H didn't send the text message, but something made Nash believe it came from him so why doesn't Nash explain why he thinks that? The story telling here is weak, at best.

These two men need to get their story straight and fast. Last night did nothing to create "transparency."

Triple H and Nash have a bit of a bromance going on and CM Punk seems to be changing that dynamic just like CM Punk changes everything. Nash and Triple H are going to have to get to the real bottom of this set up before it destroys their relationship or CM Punk destroys one of them.