TNA Breaking News: Jeff Hardy Returning to TNA This Week

Tom Urtz Jr.Contributor IAugust 23, 2011

The following tweet was sent out tonight by Jeff Hardy:

 Ok it's official...time to go back2work!I will be in Huntsville,AL this Thursday with ImpactWrestling!!!!

Jeff Hardy had not been seen or heard for quite sometime. He was in and out of court a few times and was told to undergo rehab when he was first suspended.

The last time Hardy was in TNA, he caused some problems—the sequence begining at Against All Odds.

At Against All Odds, Hardy defeated Ken Anderson in a ladder match to regain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Hardy would hold the championship for less than two weeks—defending it once against RVD—and would end up losing during the March 3rd edition of Impact!

Hardy would receive his rematch at Victory Road in a Non-Disqualification match but the match lasted less then 90 seconds. TNA executives had made the decision to cut the match short because Hardy was in no condition to wrestle.

Immediately after, it was reported that TNA had sent Hardy home. Immortal would subsequently cuts ties with Hardy on the following episode of Impact and he hasn't been seen or heard from since.

There is no word on whether or not Hardy will return on camera this week as TNA tapes its shows in advance, but it seems odd that he would be returning shortly after his brother Matt was abruptly fired from the organization.

This story is in the early stages, so check back to Bleacher Report for more information.

Wrestling is for the fans, and we have a voice. We want wrestling, and I feel this is a great way to air out some ideas.

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