New York Mets Losing Interest of Fans with the Losses Piling Up

Rachel MarcusCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2011

This is what a 10-0 loss looks like.
This is what a 10-0 loss looks like.

We really can't expect much of anything from the Mets anymore nowadays, can we? Going into this season, little was expected. Fans had seen enough collapses in the past five years to warrant little hope.

As usual, the Mets started out okay until their recent downfall. That's what usually happens. But now, a downfall isn't costing the team a playoff spot. It's costing them a .500 record, and the fact that that's my highest hope as a fan is a problem.

Right now, the Phillies own not just the NL East, but practically all of Major League Baseball. The Braves are back. Heck, even the Nationals have managed a late arrival to the party. 

And as for the Mets? Well, they're sort of trying. But the team simply seems years away from doing anything substantial. That's a real shame when you have players like David Wright and Jose Reyes on your roster.

The best thing I think the Mets can do now it give themselves time. No, there's no need to create a 10-year rebuilding plan. But the Mets should pick up the pace in the wins department sooner rather than later. I know that's easier said than done. But with the talent the Mets have, they need to be winning more.

It's my belief that if you're bad for more than three years, you lose the fans. Even as a die-hard fan, I don't want to follow a losing team. It's boring.

But realistically, the Mets are far from the glory days of 2006. And I know that. I just hope they can make some sort of splash to keep fans interested. And no, trading away Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez doesn't count.