WWE: Why R-Truth and the Miz Have a Lot in Common with Rated RKO

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIAugust 22, 2011

During the 8/22/11 edition of Monday Night Raw, R-Truth and The Miz lit up the arena with a scorching promo. 

Obviously we don't know yet, but you had a feeling that The Miz and R-Truth's feelings for each other were mutual.  While they may not like each other, they are still on the same page.

Now let me take you back to October of 2006.  Two young men by the names of Edge and Randy Orton were just going with the flow, not necessarily doing anything wrong, but not taking the WWE by storm either.

Both had prestigious accomplishments to their resume, but neither had done anything since then.  They decided that together they could make a bigger impact then if they weren't.

On a special edition of the Cutting Edge, Randy Orton was the special guest, and both of them preached the exact same things that R-Truth and The Miz preached.

They are both underappreciated, underrated, under-utilized, and yet are two of the brightest stars in the company.

If you watch both promos side by side, they are approximately the exact same thing, the same message.

Granted, the two teams may have completely different personalities and gimmicks, but the blueprints are still there.

In Rated RKO, you had the talented and ridiculously young Randy Orton, similar to the the Miz.

Then you had a superstar that has been in the business for 15+ years, just like R-Truth, who is 39.

I look at The Miz and R-Truth as a more PG version of Rated RKO, and there's nothing wrong with that.

It's hard to compare the four superstars when they are alone, but when the two superstars of the new era team up, it's the same philosophy of the two superstars of the previous era.

Will it work for The Miz and R-Truth as well as it worked for Rated RKO? We'll have to see, but they definitely have the same level of chemistry as Rated RKO.

Hey, at least they are lot more entertaining than current tag-teams like Otunga/Gillicuty and Bourne/Kingston.