Boston Red Sox: What Will Become of JD Drew Once He Returns?

Sean O'Neil@snoneilSenior Analyst IAugust 23, 2011

It was said on Monday that the Boston Red Sox intend to activate J.D. Drew on September 1, when the rosters expand. Drew has been out since July 20 with a shoulder injury, and it is not a stretch to say that most Red Sox fans have not missed the right fielder.

In 77 games this year, Drew has put up an abysmal .219 batting average with four home runs and 21 RBIs. Fans have been fed up with him in the past, but he has officially taken it to a new high.

Drew has never been a standout player in his time with Boston. He has never had an average above .280 and he has never hit more than 22 home runs in a season with the team. But this is only half of the problem with Drew. The other half comes with his attitude.

J.D. Drew just does not seem to care, at all about the game. This infuriates most Red Sox fans, including myself, as all we have ever wanted from the guy is some form of emotion. He always looks miserable, as if his ridiculous $14 million salary isn't good enough and he doesn't even deserve half of that.

But this is his last season with the club. He will not be re-signed, and he will not be missed. Until then, the club needs to figure out what to do with him.

The first option is to play him as soon as he returns. Playing right field in his absence has been the rookie, Josh Reddick, who seems to have stepped in as the right fielder of the future for the Red Sox. In 59 games Reddick has batted for a .293 average with six home runs and 25 RBI. Despite his numbers being better than Drew's, the club could still choose to give Drew his position back for the rest of the time with Boston.

A second option would be to play both Drew and Reddick evenly. Reddick has been struggling a little in the month of August, and I'm sure that Francona and Epstein could see the return of Drew as a way to give Reddick a break so he is ready to perform when they need him at the end of September and in October.

The third and final option, which is my favorite is to bench Drew completely. Reddick has proven that right field now belongs to him and it is time for J.D. Drew to get out of Boston. Wait out the rest of his contract while he grabs some pine in the dugout and have him pinch hit every now and then or maybe have him start a game or two. I doubt that this would upset many fans, and we wouldn't get to know how Drew feels about it anyway because as he is devoid of emotion.

It is about a week away until J.D. "Nancy" Drew is activated and returns to the lineup, and we can only wait and see to find out his fate.