Dana White's Fox Deal Makes UFC Top Sport of Future; Cements His Own Legacy

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Dana White's Fox Deal Makes UFC Top Sport of Future; Cements His Own Legacy
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UFC president Dana White's recent Fox television deal, which puts the UFC into the mainstream media world, means big things for a sport that has long awaited such a deal.

Say what you will of White, who is often blasted on forums and media like Twitter for his methods to his madness, but the UFC head has been a godsend since he and Zuffa rescued the sport quickly from the brink of destruction left from Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG). 

Since then, White has led the UFC into the Golden Age of MMA, with more relevance, interest and character than Art Davie (former UFC fight booker/matchmaker) ever had intentions of doing to the brand.

Not to say that the entire UFC promotion was built on the shoulder of Mr. White, because that would be a true discredit to the fighters in the sport who have given blood, sweat, tears and much more for the UFC. White, though, was the tactician behind, and in front of, the curtains.

He has been an integral part to the development of the sport, even from his early beginnings back during the days when he was sparring with the Marcus Davis and Joe Cavallaro's of the world. Now he's more prominent, but still the same old Dana White, who has dedicated his life to the sport he's helped raise from the dead.

Whether you hate him or love him, White has got to be given credit at least for his transformation of the sport —the same transformation that had Senator John McCain backpedaling from his past statement calling the sport "human cockfighting."

Now McCain says of the sport, ""The sport has grown up. The rules have been adopted to give its athletes better protections and to ensure fairer competition."

Let's make one thing even more crystal clear. White is not another Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman or Bud Selig. He works hard for the sport he loves, and he is loved by his general MMA following.

In short, White is the top dog of the world's fasting growing sport, and eventually, the top future sport. 

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