Manny Pacquiao and HP: Although HP Products Flop, Pacquiao Wins in the End

Henry MartinSenior Analyst IAugust 23, 2011

Pacquiao advertising the HP Touchpad
Pacquiao advertising the HP Touchpad

Manny Pacquiao is highly regarded by many as the face of boxing, and who can blame them? Pacquiao is an international icon and boxing's best active selling pound-for-pound star. American multinational information technology corporation, Hewlett Packard, picked up on this and decided to recruit Pacquiao to help sell some of their HP products such as the HP touchpad and HP Veer.

When news broke several months ago, this was relatively big news to the Pacquiao community. The reason is that Pacquiao could have gotten a lot of major endorsements but failed to because those matters weren't handled properly.

Apparently his potential endorsements were being handled by numerous friends (and by numerous I mean 30 to 50 friends). He missed out on a potential Gatorade endorsement as well as being on the cover on the latest Fight Night game. However, this was all fixed when Lucia McKelvey entered the fray and helped land a deal with HP. 

HP thought that maybe, with the combined efforts of Pacquiao, Russell Brand and Mirand Crosgrove, they'd be able to compete with the juggernaut of tablets, the Ipad. In the end though, they were so very, very wrong.

Recently, it was revealed that HP's touchpads were selling horribly. Sales were so bad that there were literally over a hundred thousand unsold units in Best Buy alone. The product was doing so poorly that HP decided to discontinue selling the phone and touchpad as well as to slash the touchpad's price by more than $400!

Now, personally I view this as the fault of the product already being unsatisfactory and when compared to the Ipad, it just looks flat out horrible. 

In all of this though, Pacquiao benefits from his deal with Packard despite the fact that the product he endorsed failed to sell.

How so you may ask? Simple: the publicity he has gained from doing these commercials. Any publicity is good publicity.

HP helped spread Pacquiao's name to the world and it seems to have worked for the most part. Numerous times I've entered into conversations with people who've never hear of Pacquiao, then all of a sudden reference him because they saw his HP commercial. Not only that, but I've seen people on the many gaming forums I frequent start threads about how they just saw a commercial about a little Filipino boxer with a killer workout.

I also wouldn't be surprised if you, the reader, know somebody that has seen the commercial with Pacquiao and become interested in him.

So while HP failed to accomplish what they wanted to, Pacquiao wins in the end. Not only does he get the opportunity to spread his name to the world, but he also gets about a million dollars for doing so.