WWE: Heroes of Wrestling Past: Matt Hardy (Versions 0 Through 2)

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WWE: Heroes of Wrestling Past: Matt Hardy (Versions 0 Through 2)
Matt's Mugshot

I couldn't resist.  I decided to resurrect Heroes of Wrestling Past and do one about someone very very "special." That's right, it's Matt Hardy. That guy with the grapes, the DWI and the tazer. He was just awful. However, we will take a look at the rise, fall and the plunge into a pit of failure. Let's get this going.

Matthew Hardy was born in a small North Carolina town, where he grew up with his brother Jeff (AKA Meth) Hardy and his probably very disappointed father. Growing up, he was friends with Jeff, Shane Helms and many other future wrestlers. They were so into wrestling, they started their own wrestling federation. During his time with OMEGA, he was known as High Voltage. He had a fierce rivalry with Wolverine (not the one from X-Men). As we have seen (thanks Edge and Christian), High Voltage oozed charisma. It was only the beginning.

In 1994, the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) made the worst decision of all time: signing Matt Hardy. Hardy debuted by tapping out to Nikolai Volkoff. After years of jobbing, the Hardy Boyz were finally created in 1998. The brothers picked up steam and began feuding with Edge and Christian, the Dudleyz and various other teams, all the while becoming the cornerstone of the tag team division (I miss those days).  

In July 1999, they duo won the tag team championships for the first time, beating the Acolytes. They then turned heel, joining Gangrel to form the New Brood. Matt then helped make history by competing (and winning) in the first ever tag team ladder match with his brother Jeff. The Hardyz were flying high (pun intended).

In 2000, Lita (Matt's real life girlfriend) joined the Hardy Boyz to form Team Xtreme. After a Hardcore title win, they Hardy Boyz competed in the first ever Table, Ladders and Chairs match along side E&C and The Dudley Boyz. After a huge showing at WrestleMania 17 in TLC 2, Hardy went on the capture the coveted European Championship. 

After the Invasion, Hardy went on the join SmackDown and defeating the Undertaker (this seriously happened, I am as sad as you). Matt Hardy had upgraded, to Version 1.0. He joined his Mattitude Follower, Shannon Moore, and proceeded to dominate SmackDown...and annoy the crap out of everyone.

After capturing the Cruiserweight Championship, Matt would move back to Raw. However, in a storyline with Kane and Lita, he was injured and subsequently released, after it was discovered Lita had been cheating on him with Edge.

Hardy joined Ring of Honor for a short while. In the meantime, fans mistakenly petitioned for his return to WWE. In July 2005, Hardy returned and attacked Edge. This began his best rivalry to date. Edge and Hardy would trade victories until Hardy defeated Edge in a steel cage. At the end of the match, Hardy did the only extreme move he has ever done with a leg drop to Edge from the top of the cage. After he lost to Edge in a Loser Leaves Raw ladder match, Hardy returned to SmackDown and would win the united States title during his rivalry with MVP. Matt would go on to join ECW and win the ECW Championship.  

After a boring storyline against Jeff Hardy, Matt faded back into obscurity. Soon, he would begin to cause problems backstage, wanting "freedom" from WWE. WWE would oblige, and Hardy's time with WWE would come to an end in 2010. This led to a series of riveting videos on YouTube, involving referring himself as Matthew, eating grapes and whining about various things. Also, him and his brother tasered each other (smart, I know). 

Hardy joined TNA in 2011. His time there was forgettable.  He had dreads and fought RVD. That was about the extent of his TNA accomplishments. Hardy would then no-show several events.

This past weekend, Hardy was arrested for DWI and was subsequently released from TNA and freed from all of his vices. It was "miraculous," in the words of Matt Hardy.

Thanks for enjoying another edition of Heroes of Wrestling Past. I hope you enjoyed it (I know all the MFers did not). Matt was hugely talented and was a great as a member of the Hardy Boyz, in WWE. That does not excuse his personal stupidity. Some will say: "It's his personal life, it's none of our business." That's only true if you don't purposely act like an idiot and broadcast it to the public.  

Anyway, feel free to comment and suggest other wrestlers that you would like to see on Heroes of Wrestling Past. 

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