Ortiz Wants to Break Floyd Down, but Ortiz Could Be Breaking Down Already

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Ortiz Wants to Break Floyd Down, but Ortiz Could Be Breaking Down Already
LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 11: (R-L) Victor Ortiz walks back to his corner with referee Vic Drakulich after Ortiz knocks down Lamont Petersen in the third round during the super lightweight fight at Mandalay Bay Events Center on December 11, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

Victor Ortiz (29-2-2 22KO) is all set to have the biggest fight of his life against Floyd Mayweather Jr. (41-0 25KO) in less than a month for his WBC welterweight belt.

Ortiz and his trainer Danny Garcia are 100 percent confident that they will prevail come Sept.17, and not only beat the undefeated genius, but also knock him out.

If both of them were to win, not only would Ortiz's stock rise in the boxing world, but so would Garcia who's claims to fame so far is training Ortiz and being the older brother of highly acclaimed trainer Robert Garcia.

Ortiz plans to break down Mayweather round by round and move in for a knockout after wearing him down. In addition, both Ortiz and Garcia think that Mayweather's layoff will play into their advantage as well as the ten year age gap between them.

Personally, though, I believe that Ortiz won't be able to pull through with this during his bout with Mayweather. If Victor is to defeat Floyd, I highly doubt that he'll do it by winning a decision. Actually, I think that Ortiz is going to pull a Berto in his upcoming fight.

Now, when I say pull a Berto, I mean that Ortiz is going to go into the fight seeming tired, sluggish and not really himself. That's how Berto seemed when he stepped into the ring with Ortiz and during the early half of the match.

Recently, Berto teamed up with controversial ex-BALCO figure, Victor Conte, to assist in training and preparing for his next match with IBF titleholder Dejan Zaveck on Sept. 3rd.

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From this, Berto learned that he wasn't training smart enough and was actually over-training himself. By this I mean Berto was training his body past its limit and not allowing enough time for his body to recover. This would explain why Berto didn't seem himself in his fight with Ortiz.

Now, recently news broke that Ortiz took a day off training due to having some back soreness. He's been training for six weeks now and claims to have been working extremely hard.

Is this a sign of him over working himself and his body breaking down due to not receiving the necessary amount of rest to recover fully?

Whether this will affect him in his Sept. 17 fight is still yet to be seen, but if Ortiz's performance is sub-par or loses then this will be a possibility as to why. 

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