Jet's Pass Defense Could Stall Super Bowl Hopes

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

While the rest of the New York Jets are operating on all cylinders (no pun intended), one aspect of the team, while not hurting them yet, could come back to haunt them down the line. 

As of now, the issue has not been discussed since the team is on a great winning streak, which now stands at four wins in a row, and counting. 

When every other aspect of the team is operating brilliantly, this is bound to happen, but every team has a weakness, and the Jets are not immune to this fact.  What is their weakness though? 

Without a doubt, the pass defense is making things interesting for them every single week because they can be passed on with ease, which could spell doom in the playoffs, taking into consideration that the Jets will get in the playoffs, which shouldn't be an issue as of now. 

In past years, running backs ran through the Jets as if they were not even there on the field.  With Kris Jenkins clogging the middle of the field up now though, teams are looking to pass on the Jets, and are finding success while doing it. 

It is odd though, considering that Darrelle Revis is on his way to being a shutdown corner, and that Kerry Rhodes is among the top ranks of safeties in the NFL currently. 

One would think that this unit would be tough to pass on, but this is not the case.  Matt Cassel proved that earlier tonight through slicing the Jets defense up. 

Just imagine if a healthy Tom Brady was behind center?  More than likely, the Jets would not be leaving Foxboro with a 34-31 victory right about now. 

The signing of Ty Law proves how desperate the Jets are to solve this problem.  Yes, Law is a great corner, but he was out of football for almost a full season, and he, while being decent throughout the rest of his career, has not been the same since leaving New England a few years ago. 

The good thing is though, the Jets have so much talent around them, which means that they can mask the issue at hand.  Down the line though, the pass defense could end the season for the Jets at the worst possible time, in the playoffs, when one loss obviously sends you home for the rest of the season. 

Looking deeper into this, in the AFC, there are teams who can pass.  Yes, the Titans, who the Jets play in Tennessee next Sunday, are more of a running team, but they proved that Kerry Collins can still win a game when he has too. 

The Steelers, yes, their quarterback has had a knack for throwing picks lately, but he can still bomb it out when neccessary.  We have seen what the Patriots can do against the Jets, and the Dolphins, with Chad Pennington at the helm, could make life very hard for the Jets if they sneak in the playoffs (never mind that Chad Pennington would do anything to beat his former team). 

These are just a handful of teams though.  In any given week, any team can pass the ball at will.  The NFL is now a pass happy league mainly, and if the Jets do not solve the pass defense issue, a shorten season may end up being the result, whether it is an untimely playoff loss, or, even worse, not even getting there in the first place (hopefully, this writer is wrong, and the Jets prove everybody wrong in time).