2008 NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

J.J. McDermottCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

J.J. McDermott, NFL Columnist at Fantasy Football Maniaxs

Like every week of the 2008 NFL season, Week 10 provided fans and critics alike with another unpredictable week of games. Many of you saw the Cardinals hold the 49ers at the one-yard line and seal a hard earned win. 

Also in Week 10 the Titans once again proved themselves and stay undefeated on the year.  Moving on, Week 11 contains many exciting and must win games for many ball clubs.

One of the most talked about games is Thursday’s showdown pinning the Patriots and the Jets for the top seed in the AFC East. Also in Week 11, the Cowboys look for revenge against their rival Redskins who beat them in Week Four, 26-24. 

Without further ado, I present you with Week 11 Power Rankings.

32.  Lions  0-9

I am sorry Lions fans but is there any hope for a single Lions win in 2008? The next five weeks for the Lions are only going to get more hellish for this bleak team.  Those next five match-ups are against all teams above the .500 mark.  Lions fans everywhere, pray long and hard because your team has the distinct possibility of going 0-16.

31.  Bengals  1-8

The Bengals were able to head into their bye week in Week 10 on a high note for the first time in 2008. The Bengals officially won a game this season but will they risk bringing back a fragile Carson Palmer this season?

30.  Chiefs  1-8

Where did Tyler Thigpen come from?  Thigpen has helped turn around a struggling Chiefs offense as of late even though they did come up short against a nicked up Chargers team in Week 10. Whoever this new Tyler Thigpen is, he will have his chance to continue his mistake free play against a struggling Saints team in Week 11.

29.  Raiders  2-7

Week 10 was just another week to forget for Raiders fans everywhere. With millions of dollars invested in to recent year’s draft picks JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden, both did not hit the field in Week 10. With one of the worst offenses in the league, what are the odds that Tom Cable will be part of the Raiders plans for the future after this season ends?

28.  49ers  2-7

Another week, another loss for Mike Singletary’s 49ers.  The 49ers actually scored more than twenty four points for only the fourth time this season in Monday’s loss to the Cardinals.  Taking on the 2-7 Rams in Week 11, can the 49ers earn their third win of the season?

27.  Seahawks  2-7

Sure they are 2-7 going into Week 11 but there is hope out there for Seahawks fans.  There is a good chance that Matt Hasselbeck and Deion Branch may be back on the field for Week 11’s match-up against their divisional rival Cardinals.

26.  Rams  2-7

3-47… There is not much to explain about Sunday’s 44-point loss to the Jets. The Rams were outplayed in every aspect of the game on Sunday. With Steven Jackson still out, their offense continues to lack a well needed spark. Facing another 2-7 team in Week 11, can the Rams right a wrong by beating the 49ers on route to winning their third game?

25.  Texans  3-6

Just when things were going uphill for the Texans, Matt Schaub is now sidelined for the next three to four weeks, and then backup quarterback, Sage Rosenfels threw for four interceptions in the Texans 13-41 loss to the Ravens. Can Rosenfels prevent turnovers of his own and get the Texans back on track in Week 11 against the up and coming Colts?

24.  Browns  3-6

After blowing their 20-10 halftime lead and spoiling Brady Quinn’s debut, the Browns have slipped to 3-6. Brady Quinn played efficiently in his starting debut but unfortunately it was not enough.  The Browns are now losers of two in a row heading into this week’s showdown with the floundering 5-4 Bills.

23.  Jaguars  4-5

Phew...The Jaguars had given the Bengals their first win of 2008 in Week Nine but were able to keep the Lions at bay in Week 10 by earning their fourth win of the season.  The running game was revived this past week as Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew combined for 150 yards and three scores on the day. 

This is good news but it was also against a win-less Lions team.  On to the bad news, the Jaguars are forced to face a Titans team that is the polar opposite of the Lions in Week 11.  Now can the Jaguars whip up some magic and take down the undefeated Titans?

22.  Chargers  4-5

Where are the tough nose, grab you by the throat Chargers that we all know?  The Chargers pulled off a close, heated battle against division rival Chiefs in the last moments of the fourth quarter. Recently promoted defensive coordinator, Ron Rivera will need to step up and try to keep the Chargers afloat in the second half of the season. Rivera’s first task, stopping a 6-3 Steelers team in Week 11. 

21.  Saints  4-5

Yes, they are suffering from tons of injuries but just flat out blowing it against a divisional rival has put the Saints in a difficult hole in the NFC South. To add insult to injury, there is uneasy tension between Drew Brees and newly acquired tight end Jeremy Shockey who was benched in the second half of Week 10’s game. 

All this does not bode well for a Saints team struggling to get to .500 as they head to Kansas City to face the 1-8 Chiefs in Week 11.

20.  Packers  4-5

After starting the season 4-3 and losing a close battle with the Titans in overtime, most fans and critics thought the Packers had a legitimate shot in the NFC North. The first rule of business when facing the Vikings is to stack the box to stop Mr. “All Day” Adrian Peterson and force aging veteran, Gus Frerotte to throw the ball. 

Unfortunately for the Packers, they failed in the task above as Peterson burned the Packers defense for 192 yards and a score on Sunday.  After losing to their divisional rival Vikings, the Packers take on another divisional rival, Bears this Sunday.  Can Aaron Rodgers fire his team up and get them back on track in Week 11?

19.  Broncos  5-4

After falling behind a weak Browns team 20-10 at halftime, Jay Cutler went on to throw for 447 yards and three scores to bring his team to victory in Week 10.  Cutler will have to carry his team for the remainder of the season as rookie Ryan Torain has joined fellow running backs Michael Pittman and Andre Hall on the injured reserve. 

Cutler is not alone, of course, as the Denver defense must step it up as the team breaks in Tatum Bell who signed this week.

18.  Dolphins  5-4

At the end of the 2007 season, would anyone have thought the Dolphins would be above the .500 mark halfway through the 2008 season?  Bill Parcells has things looking up for the Dolphins and their future.  The Dolphins face the Raiders at home in Week11 and have the opportunity to go 6-4 through the first eleven weeks of this season.

17.  Vikings  5-4

Vikings fans wish it could be “All Day” every Sunday. After rushing for 192 yards in Week 10, Adrian Peterson and the Vikings set their sights on the 6-3 Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. After winning back-to-back games, can the Vikings make it three in a row on their way to battling back in the NFC North?

16.  Bills  5-4

After starting off 2008 with a 5-1 record, the Bills have gone on to lose three straight games. To make matters worse, those three straight losses have all been against divisional opponents. Can the Bills reverse their current downward trend and prevent being humiliated as they face the Browns on Monday Night Football?

15.  Colts  5-4

Bob Sanders is back in the lineup, now are the Colts officially back? If the Colts run the table in the second half of the season, they may have the chance to at least make the wild card. Now at home the Colts can make it three wins in a row against a struggling 3.-6 Texans in Week 11.

14.  Eagles  5-4

After winning three in a row, the Eagles dropped a close one to the Giants in Week 10.  What is concerning for the Eagles is Brian Westbrook’s health heading into Week 11.  Luckily for the Eagles, they head to Cincinnati to face a 1-8 Bengals team fresh off a bye week.

13.  Bears  5-4

The Bears succeeded in Week 10 by grounding the Titans running game. Sadly, the Bears were unable to keep Kerry Collins under raps as he threw for 289 yards and two scores on the way to lifting the Titans to their ninth win.  The Bears look to turn things around as they head to Green Bay in Week 11.

12.  Cowboys  5-4

After their Week 10 bye week, the Cowboys head to Washington for revenge against the Redskins for their Week Four win over the 'Boys. Good news for the Cowboys, they welcome back Tony Romo into the lineup for this week’s game. Can the Cowboys get back in the NFC East race starting Sunday?

11.  Jets  6-3

The Jets put a whooping on the helpless Rams in Week 10. Thomas Jones had his best day as Jet as he continues to improve with each passing week. Now we will find out Thursday night if Brett Favre can do what the Jets brought him to New York to do, beat the Patriots.

10.  Ravens  6-3

With a rookie quarterback and an aging defense, the Ravens have gone on to win four straight. What is more impressive is the Ravens averaging a healthy 33 points a game in that four game stretch. Now can the Ravens continue their ways by grounding the Giants run attack in Week 11?

9.  Falcons  6-3

After last week’s 34-20 win over divisional rival Saints, rookie head coach Mike Smith deserves a lot more credit for has transformed his team in Atlanta. Matt Ryan seems to improving with each week as the Falcons inch closer and closer to the division lead with each week.

8.  Cardinals  6-3

In one of the more impressive feats seen this season, the Cardinals were able to shut down the 49ers twice on the one-yard line to win their Monday Night Football match-up.

With Monday night’s win, the Cardinals increased their division lead to four games.  Now the Cardinals head to Seattle to face a struggling 2-7 Seahawks team.

7.  Patriots  6-3

Even through all the injuries the Patriots have faced in 2008, they have been able to stay afloat in the AFC East. Bill Belichick deserves credit for keeping the Patriots above the .500 mark. 

The Patriots defend their 6-3 record at home against Jets on Thursday night to see who is the leader of the AFC East.

6.  Buccaneers  6-3

After a late season bye week, the Buccaneers go in to Week 11 defending a 6-3 record.  He is back! After an injury that left most people with a queasy feeling in their stomach and an unknown future ahead of him, Cadillac Williams will be in uniform for Sunday’s matchup against the Vikings.

5.  Redskins  6-3

After a heart-wrenching loss against the Steelers in Week Nine, the Redskins were given a week off in Week 10 to prepare for Week 11’s showdown with the Cowboys.  The downfall for the Redskins, star running back Clinton Portis is struggling with an injury.  Can the Redskins overcome Portis’ injury and go 2-0 against the Cowboys in 2008?

4.  Steelers  6-3

With a porous offensive line and injuries piling up, the Steelers are still atop of the AFC North. With injuries to Ben Roethlisberger and Willie Parker, the Steelers must defend themselves against a struggling Chargers team in Week 11.

3.  Panthers  7-2

The Panthers dominated a helpless Raiders team in Week 10, even through Jake Delhomme’s four interceptions on route to their seventh win. The Panthers stand atop the NFC South as they take on the win-less Lions in Week 11.

2.  Giants  8-1

The Giants fought a Eagles team that refused to back down in Week 10. Even without top defensive weapons, the Giants still have one of the most dominating defenses in the league. Also with one of the top rushing attacks in the NFL, the Giants take on one of the top rushing defenses in the league against the Ravens in Week 11.

1.  Titans  9-0

Another week, another win for the Titans. The Titans run game was shutdown in Week 10 as they had to rely on Kerry Collins arm to keep them in the game. The Titans have played all around excellent football all season long.  They face the Jaguars, Jets, and Lions the next three weeks; can they continue their winning trend?

This is the way the rankings look for right now; tune in next week once again to see how your team fairs!


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