A Way for the St. Louis Cardinals to Get Rafael Furcal and Orlando Hudson

cody grubbsContributor INovember 13, 2008

I have come to the conclusion that being able to retain all the players we have is sort of stupid because we have the tools to help us win and i think it's time for us to go after a two of the most sought out middle infielders this offseason—Orlando Hudson and Rafael Furcal.

How, you might say, could this be possible?

Well with $20 million stashed away for free agents and some salary dumps (Pinero $5.5 M, Kennedy $3.5M, and possibly a trade of troy Glaus for a prospect $12.5M) that would put an extra $20 million to spend on free agents.

Now, I know Glaus was spectacular defensively and showed signs of the stick some times, but we have to face it that this is probably the last year of his contract and while he is still of value, he is a dent in the payroll and it might be best to give another rookie a shot (Freese, Craig, or Wallace).

I don't think a trade like this will hurt the team as much as you might think. Hudson and Furcal would make an excellent one and two hitter for Albert pujols.

I want you to imagine this lineup

*Rafael Furcal
*Orlando Hudson
Albert Pujols
Ryan Ludwick
Rick Ankiel
*David Freese
Yadier Molina
Skip Schumaker

I don't know what you might think about this, but to me it looks like pujols has some protection in the lineup. He would have a impressive one two hitters in front of him and the powerful bats of ludwick and ankiel behind him. that is a pretty potent lineup.

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