6 NFL Players the Majority of Fans Would Like to See Fail in 2011

Josh McCainSenior Writer IAugust 22, 2011

6 NFL Players the Majority of Fans Would Like to See Fail in 2011

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    In the good old days of football one would root for their team and despise their division rivals.

    This was mainly do to limited access to other teams. You really only knew about your local team and your rivals because that's all the local news stations and papers would cover in depth.

    For the most part you were indifferent to the rest of the league.

    With the birth of ESPN and then the Internet (some 20 years later) the masses were not only exposed to every team, but thanks to web sites like TMZ and Pro Football Talk, you were also exposed to personal lives of the players as well.

    This has made for a fanbase that not only like its teams and despises its rivals, but one that has found new and interesting teams and players that they want to see fail.

    The next couple of pages will consist of players that the majority of the populous wants to see fail.

Albert Haynesworth, DT New England Patriots

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    I don't know if there is a player more despised for doing so little on the field. 

    In fact Albert Haynesworth has done so little since being traded to the New England Patriots that the most recent pictures of him from Getty Images are from last season when he played for the Redskins.

    Redskins fans obviously want to see Haynesworth fail because the man took millions of dollars from the Redskins and didn't do much, in fact last season he was so insubordinate that he barely got on the field.

    With the exception of Patriot fans of course, I think the rest of the league wants to see Haynesworth fall flat on his face because they don't want a malcontent such as himself being rewarded after such poor behavior on and off the field for the past two years.

Cam Newton, QB Carolina Panthers

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    I honestly can't put my finger on the pulse of why it seems that everyone outside of the Panthers fanbase would like to see Cam Newton fail other than that they want to be proven right.

    At the moment it was projected that Cam Newton was going to go No. 1 overall in the 2011 NFL Draft it seemed that everyone and their brother was saying that Cam would never make it as an NFL quarterback and was going to be a bust.

    So I have to conclude that the reason why so many people post on various message boards about how they hope Cam fails has to be because they want to be proven right since they predicted he would be a bust.

    It's that or the whole stealing a laptop in college, his dad auctioning off his services to the highest-bidding college or just his overall questionable character issues.

    Yeah, it's probably one of those two.

Tony Romo, QB Dallas

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    "Tony Romo?" You say with such reflection in your voice. "Tony Romo the quarterback of 'America's Team.' That Tony Romo? Why would people want to see him fail?"

    Well to first answer your question, let me let you in a little known secret about the so-called "America's Team."

    NFL films coined that name in the '70s and actually wanted to give it to the Steelers. Ed Sabol approached Art Rooney (then owner of the Steelers) about it, and Rooney declined feeling that a nickname like that would get a lot of people to hate the Steelers.

    So Sabol then thought about the Cowboys since they were winning almost as much as the Steelers and then owner Clint Murchison was all too happy to accept the name that Cowboys fans love to brag about and the rest of the league downright loathes them for.

    Which brings me back to Tony Romo.

    On the surface, there isn't much to hate about the guy. He's a decent quarterback and seems like a nice guy.

    But here is why everyone outside of Dallas (as well as you Cowboy fans who have never been to Dallas, let alone the state of Texas) would love to see him fall on his face.

    First off he has dated some pretty fine looking women before he married another fine looking woman, so their is probably some jealousy there, but most of all it's because he's the quarterback of "America's Team," which puts a bull's eye on him and makes every one of the 31 other teams' fans want to punch the grin off of his face.

    So to recap, if Tony struck out with the ladies and didn't quarterback the Cowboys he'd be a pretty swell dude.

Tom Brady, QB New England Patriots

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    This one is super easy.

    The guy seems to win all of the time and is married to a Victoria's Secret model.

    We all hate him so much.

Roy Williams, WR Chicago Bears

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    Roy Williams could have just been a guy that Cowboy fans hate. I mean, after all, Jerry Jones paid a king's ransom in draft picks to acquire him and got very little production or effort out of him.

    But no, Roy Williams had to have the spat with rookie wideout Dez Bryant last season, which led to Bryant having to pay a $56,000 restaurant tab.

    Then during the lockout he could be bothered to fly out to see his girlfriend to propose marriage so he simply mailed her the ring and I'm sure he wrote a very romantic note to go along with it. Luckily for this woman, she said no.

    And if that weren't enough when Williams reported for Bear's camp he said he needed to get his wind back and that there was too much running in Mike Martz's offense and without being at OTAs he wasn't able to get into "football shape."

    Now Roy, Jerry Rice never had that problem running hills in the offseason. He never showed up to camp "winded."

    You're a wide receiver, you run, that's what you do. Now if you said you were a little sore from the hitting and needed to get your body used to that I would buy it. I'd call you soft but I would buy it.

    You don't need camp to run. You can run hills like Rice did, you can buy a weighted sled, you can even buy a parachute to run with. Either way, a wide receiver has no business saying he's winded because he missed offseason training, that is unless he's coming off of injury.

The Philadelphia Eagles

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    If there is one thing this past NBA season proved it's that every sports league thrives when there is a common villain to root for.

    Major League Baseball has know this for decades, which is the sole reason why the New York Yankees exist.

    Usually the Dallas Cowboys (America's Team), the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Patriots don't mind filling this role for the league.

    However a new challenger has thrown his hat in the ring for "most-hated team in the NFL" and that was thrown by Vince Young (pictured above with a stupid vacant stare) when he declared the Eagles to be a dream team.

    Now granted, I'm a Redskins fan so I need little excuse to hate the Eagles.  In fact one of the first thoughts to pop into my head when I awake during football season is how much I hate the Eagles (note that Eagles can be interchanged with Cowboys).

    However that hate has spread outside of opposing NFC East fanbases, no, the rest of the league now despises the Eagles.

    This new hatred could be seen on message boards across the net on just about any story about the Eagles or one of their players.

    In fact I'm convinced there could be a news story about how Michael Vick ran into a burning Animal Shelter and saved every last puppy and kitten and the majority of the comments would be about how he was a dog killer.

    However, Internet trolls aside, the hatred for the Eagles was never more evident than this past Thursday when Vick threw three picks in a meaningless game against the Steelers.

    Twitter erupted with tweets coming from all four corners of the U.S. with people belittling and disparaging the Eagles.

    There seemed to me more relishing in the Eagles' poor performance in an exhibition game than there was for the Heat in the entire NBA Finals.

    As much as I hate to say it, I'm glad I have the NFL package, so I can watch as many away games for the Eagles this season just to hear how loud the boos are.

    In football having a team of stars doesn't guarantee you anything, it's a game where "A big three" will only get you a big target, so it will be interesting to see how the Eagles react to their new-found hatred.