WWE: Is R-Truth a Legitimate Star or a Joke Gimmick?

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIAugust 23, 2011

Until recently, R-Truth's second try with the WWE was nothing special. Truth was a fan favorite, mid-card rapper who would come out and get the fans to chant along with him and watch him wrestle a match that often ended with a loss.

Truth was a mid-carder with little storyline around him. Then something happened. Truth was given a main-event push, which I discussed here. He was still a fan favorite, but that would soon change.

Truth turned into a dynamic heel that was a fresh change to his boring and overused rapper/fan favorite persona. Truth would feud with John Morrison and eventually John Cena. Truth was a breath of fresh air for the main,event scene and he seemed to be on his way to a long stay at the top.

Truth challenged Cena for the title and eventually lost. While this is obviously a small step back for Truth, no one expected the fall he would take. Truth became a comedy act and was more comedy than wrestler/in-ring threat.

The "Little Jimmy" angle with John Cena was refreshing, now it's just a continuous angle that has no depth.

Truth would continue his downward spiral into comedy by dressing up as a confederate soldier and proclaiming his fear of spiders and heights. Now, Truth has lost to a returning John Morrison and has little to show for his push besides "Little Jimmy" and a fear of spiders.

The WWE gave Truth a push and it was interesting at first. For whatever reason, after Truth lost his championship match, he was suddenly dropped as a threat and re-introduced as a comedy act. The WWE is no stranger to comedy acts as they have a familiar one in Santino Marella.

Marella is a two time Intercontinental champion and has some decent in ring skills and mic skills. But Santino has been used as nothing more than a comedy act and cannot be viewed as a serious threat to any title. His finisher is "The Cobra" and it is simply a poke to the neck. Marella is there for comedy relief, the same thing R-Truth is there for now.

The WWE had Hornswoggle for comedy, but after he got stale they switched to Marella. The WWE introduced Vladimir Kozlov to the comedy routine to keep it fresh. After that ran its course, the WWE needed another comedy act. Here, we find R-Truth and his fear of spiders and Little Jimmys.

R-Truth had a chance to be a legitimate star but now he is nothing more than a joke gimmick. The WWE gave him one last push before he retires and calls it quits. Truth will now live out the remainder of his career in the upper mid-card and likely put over a few younger talents.

Hornswoggle, Marella and now R-Truth. Who's next?

*Update: Hopefully this angle with The Miz can get him back in the main event or at least a solid storyline. If not, then truth is a doomed comedy act. I guess we will have to wait and see.