What's Your Excuse Tonight Roy: Will Roy Jones Jr. Finally Retire?

Christopher NewberryContributor INovember 13, 2008

Dear Mr. Roy Jones Jr,

 You have recently stated that had your cut man did his job, you would have won the fight.  A fight in which you lost every round except the first one where you actually caught Calzaghe with your only meaningful punch of the entire fight.  A fight in which you weren't even cut until the 7th round.  A fight in which you were almost tripled in total punch output.  You were also clowned and ridiculed by your opponent for a majority of the fight. All I have to say is, "ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR MIND!" what could possibly possess you to go as far as to blame your cut man for you lack of will to engage in the match?  I quote:

"Alot didn't go wrong, I faced adversity I never faced before and my cut man wasn't really up to par and was not ready for the task at hand. He didn't really give me the best chance to win. In this sport you have a team, and in this case, my team, mainly my cut man didn't do his job. I think he was in shock because he never seen me like that before and I never put him in exposure like that, but its all good. You have to move forward and do better than that from now on."

OK, now this is the first time that I have ever heard boxing referred to as a team sport! I am sorry Roy, but your cut man has nothing to do with whether or not you throw punches in that ring.  Your cut man was not the one who was getting punished round after round, you were.  Your cut man was not the one getting whacked with what seemed to be an endless swarm of punishment from a very game Joe Calzaghe, you were.  Was your cut man supposed to jump into the ring and shield you from the punches?  Was he supposed to take over for rounds 2-7, then let you go tag back in? For you to blame your loss on your cut man is a cowards act.

We should not be surprised though, this isn't the first time that you have blamed your losing on everything else but the fact that you did not perform. When Glen Johnson knocked you out, you blamed it on weight loss that occurred almost a year and a half before that fight even happened. When Tarver whipped you the last time you two fought, you claimed that you lost the fight on purpose because you didn't want your father to get credit for your victory. Do you truly know how stupid you sound when you say dumb crap like that?  I guess not because your gonna keep on doing it until you retire, and honestly Roy, that is a shame and a disgrace.  Accept your defeat like a man and quit crying like a girl.

All this shows is that you don't even have enough heart to be graceful in defeat.  Its sad how this just goes to prove many writers opinions as to why you didn't fight any worthy fighters during your glory years.  It justifies every theory by every journalist who has written so, that rather than facing deserving opponents, you got in the ring with bums whom you knew you could embarrass.  These "exhibitions" pretty much made you look better than what you truly were.

When it came down to facing worthy opposition, you always had responses like, "I'm not traveling out of the country to make a fight happen" or minuscule percentage of purse arguments that truly meant nothing in the scheme of things.  They all equaled out to be weightless excuses that really and truly should have had nothing to do with whether or not you should've fought worthy opposition.  You simply displayed the lack of heart to face a challenge.  These actions recently on your part go on to prove these assumptions to be very true indeed.    

Could the cut man have done a better job?  Yes, he could have.  That cut was attrocious, and in a very bad spot.  He could've come up with a better solution to the task at hand, but then again, who hired him, YOU!  And honestly, what it all boils down to in the pure scheme of things is that what happens in that ring is up to YOU! Your manager can give you advice, your trainers can make you train hard, your wife and kids can cheer you on, YOUR CUT MAN CAN SEAL YOUR WOUNDS, but it is up to you whether or not you win that fight. You lost the fight brother, to a better fighter who came in with a better plan, period.  Accept it and move on like a man. Stop crying and placing the blame on everyone else but yourself. Those aren't the acts of a champion. More like the crimes of a heartless coward. Aren't you better than that?  Maybe its just time to retire Roy.  We are tired of the excuses.