NFL Supplemental Draft: Green Bay Packers Should Consider Terrelle Pryor

Nicholas KashianContributor IIAugust 22, 2011

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, PA - AUGUST 20:  Terrelle Pryor throws during his pro day at a practice facility on August 20, 2011 in Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, PA - AUGUST 20: Terrelle Pryor throws during his pro day at a practice facility on August 20, 2011 in Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

When the 2011 NFl supplemental Draft begins today at 1:00 pm all eyes will be on former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor.  Where will he land?  What position will he play on the next level?

Well, Pryor did himself a big favor by running the forty in just 4.38 and 4.41 seconds at his pro day in Pennsylvania.  He did himself an even bigger favor by stating he is willing to play whatever position the team that selects him feels he's best suited to play.  

At 6'5" 232 pounds he has the size to play quarterback; he certainly has the arm throwing the ball 75-80 yards down field at his pro day.

Or perhaps wide receiver will be his best position.  Think Plaxico Burress, but with 4.4 speed.  His vertical jump was just 31 inches but at 6'5" that means he can practically touch the sky.  A broad jump of 10-4 shows he is an explosive athlete and at just 21 years of age, he is still growing into his adult body.

Now, this is where the Green Bay Packers come in, not that they need a quarterback or a wide receiver this season.  They have Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn and Ghraham Harrell entrenched at quarterback and Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb dug in at receiver.  Flynn, however, will be a free agent after this season and Driver will be another year older and closer to retirement in 2012.  So, it would make perfect sense for the Packers to draft a player with a 2012 draft pick say a fourth or fifth rounder that can be their third quarterback and fifth or sixth receiver depending on whether Driver plays again next season.  

When Flynn moves on Harrell will become the No. 2 quarterback allowing Pryor all of 2011 and 2012 most likely along with two offseasons to work with quarterback guru Mike McCarthy.  If McCarthy can develop Matt Flynn and Ghrahm Harrell into future starters, who's to say he can't develop a far more physically talented player into one as well?

As for receiver, Pryor would bring to Green Bay the one element of their wide receiver core that is missing: the tall receiver.  Yes, they have Jermichael Finley, who would love to be a receiver but is best suited as a tight end.  Finley is fast but nowhere near 4.4 fast.  Pryor is faster than 2011 second-round pick out of Kentucky Randall Cobb who is just 5-10.  Just imagine the matchup problems that would present themselves when you have a player at 6'5" running that fast.  

Now you put Jermichael Finley, Greg Jennings and one of the other receivers on the field as well, who does the defense help on?  They certainly can't double three different players.  To me this means someone is bound to be wide open on every play.

So, by selecting Terrelle Pryor, the Packers would be killing two birds with one stone.  They replace Matt Flynn and add another player to compete to replace Donald Driver who seems like he could play forever but is nearing the end.  

Since Pryor is suspended the first five games he won't count against the 53 man roster until the sixth week of the season giving the Packers enough time to see whose spot he should take.  

In 2011 he would serve as the sixth receiver.  While the Packers have a lot of candidates for a sixth receiver in camp now—Chastin West, Brett Swain, Tory Gurley and former college quarterback Diondre Borel—none of them is worth keeping at the expense of another position.

Pryor would be with his ability to play quarterback and receiver as well as his infinite upside at both positions.  Pryor is not Randy Moss in that yes, he is very physically talented, but he is also willing to put in the hard work on and off the field that will be necessary if he's to reach his full potential.

One can assume the Packers who picked 32nd in the 2011 draft will be picking somewhere near the bottom of each round once again in 2012.  Is Terrelle Pryor worth a pick at the end of say Round 5?  I think it's a no brainer. 

The Packers drafted an offensive lineman in the fifth round this year that is going to be cut in a few weeks.  If Pryor is still on the board when the Packers' pick rolls around in the fifth round, I believe the reward vastly out weighs the risk.