Boston Bruins Have "Offensive Fun" Against the Montreal Canadiens

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Boston Bruins Have

May I ask anybody, was that a hockey game?

What was that?! Really, I ask all of you who read this. Please, explain to me how this is a game of ice hockey...

Ok, this is what went wrong:

1. Does our defence know how to play?

2. Carey Carey; ma man, you ain't playin' next game...

3. Oh Lord; wait, what did I just see, Bruins 4th line, 3 goals... wow...

4. Hello! I think room service called 13 hours ago!

5. Where is the Kovalev line?

6. I guess Carey lost the walls of his castle...

I just can't see what went wrong? Does Guy Carbonneau have to buy 'em pizza again? Free food for great play? Even my high school team could play better than that!

All I'm gonna say, is that, if I was the coach -- I would say things that can't be said. I'd go and get some of my rookies down in Hamilton, maybe they'll play with more enthusiasm.

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