Orlando Magic: 4 Reasons To Love Dwight Howard

Matt Shea@isheax407Correspondent INovember 13, 2008

As we progress through the season, I hate to harp on just summarizing the games I'm watching, no matter what the situation is, crazy shot with .8 seconds or a turn-around jumper to put the team up 103-102, I'm done summarizing for a bit to talk about why you should love Dwight Howard on this one.

1.) Dwight WILL dunk on yo azz! He provides highlight dunks and putbacks 4 out of every 5 games!

2.) He's got hops! He can clear up any rebound!

3.) He's on track to be defensive player of the year with his dominance on the boards, as well as ridiculous ammounts of blocks! GET THAT OUT! You are not welcome in my kitchen! lol.

4.) Dwight takes the cape to a whole new level of heroics! Not just SuperMan, KRYPTONITE!

Mr.10 Blocks may just surprise some people, the Magic too! Go Magic!