NFL Week 11 Picks: From a Patriots Perspective

Glenn CardSenior Analyst INovember 13, 2008

There are a few of us from the Patriot Nation that are getting together to give you our take on the state of the NFL for Week 11 with our picks and perspective. You’ll recognize many of the writers like Bing, Ryan Burns, and Chris Radez. So, somebody said let the newbie write it. I’m Glenn.


Thursday 11/13/2008 8:15 pm EST

Jets @ Pats

RB: This has all the ingredients of a classic.  Ty Law back.  Troy Brown night. First place. National TV (unless you don't get the NFL Network).  Me in attendance.  The Jets need this game just as bad as the Patriots do, but we all know what happens when the Jets come to town.  I'm predicting a beatdown, and picking the Patriots.

Bing: Patriots by 10

Can’t go against my Pats. I am actually so confident and I guess homeristic that this is my lock of the week.

GC: I’ll be honest here, Brett Farve still scares me. If we can’t get after him on defense and he’s throwing strikes then this will be a tough game. Matt Cassel should continue doing what he is doing, control, control, control. I like the way the Patriots are winning this year. Pats win 21 to 14.


Sunday 11/16/2008 1:00 pm EST

Chicago @ Green Bay

RB: I want to pick the Packers, especially with them at home, but after last week's brutal loss to division rival Minnesota, I feel that a little wind may have been taken out of their sails. I like Chicago in this game, as division supremacy is on the line.

Bing: Packers by 13

The Bears are a good team, they were able to keep that vaunted Tennessee rushing duo to a measly 20 yards.  Green Bay has been torn up through the ground in recent games, expect Matt Forte to have a good game. 

However despite that there is still a chance Rex “the fumble” Grossman will start and if he doesn’t start you may have a Kyle Orton that is not 100 percent. Orton was seen at practice but was not certain about whether or not he would start. 

Aaron Rodgers has made some rookie mistakes but he is playing a team that got lit up by Kerry Collins. I think Ryan Grant has his breakthrough game and Rodgers really lights this Bears D up. Chicago will attempt to dictate the game tempo with Forte, but their defense will screw it up for them.

The Packers want it more, if they lose this one they will be two games behind in the division and for all practical purposes out of the playoffs.

GC: I rarely ever pick against Green Bay when they are at home.


Denver @ Atlanta

RB: The Broncos squeaked by the Browns last Thursday night and almost let Brady Quinn beat them in his first start. Until the Broncos start playing more consistently, I can't pick them. I'm going with Atlanta, who needs to win this game to stay atop the super tough NFC South.

Bing: Falcons by three

Something is wrong with this Broncos team, I don’t think they will figure it out by Sunday.  The Broncos have one of the most horrendous run defenses in the league while the Falcons have a guy back there who is averaging just under 100 yards a game with seven TD’s on the year.

Ryan should be able to match skills with Cutler because Cutler will be harassed by that Falcons front-seven all day. The Falcons D pressured Brees throughout the game and have done something the Patriots have been known for, bending but not breaking.

On paper, Drew Brees lit up that Falcons D in reality this high-powered Saints Offense scored a mere 20 points. 

GC: Atlanta has gained too much confidence to allow Denver to slow them down. What a nice job Matt Ryan is doing to help turn this team around. Atlanta wins at home.


New Orleans @ Kansas City

RB: After Tyler Thigpen's good performance last week, I am tempted to see if the Chiefs can turn it around for a bit. But then I remembered that Herm Edwards is their coach, and that is something that no amount of home-field advantage can counteract.  Take New Orleans to keep their season alive, albeit for one more week.

Bing: Saints by six

Kansas City is probably the most dangerous 1-8 team in NFL history. They have lost their past three games by a grand total of eight points. They have a good QB in…..THIGPEN. While I know they will win another game before this season ends, I don’t see it being this game.

The Saints are still probably the best offense in the league outside of the Cardinals and are desperate. They drop this game they most likely drop out of the playoffs, however they win this game they have a shot, a very slim shot to make the playoffs if they win out. 

GC: Drew Brees will actually throw to Jeremy Shockey for two touchdowns in this one. Saints win.


Houston @ Indianapolis

RB: The Colts have seemingly turned it around after back to back wins versus the Patriots and the Steelers.  The last thing they need is a let down game.  Watch out for the trap Indy.  Take the Colts, I expect them to win big.

Bing: Colts by seven

The Colts are on a roll while the Texans are in a slump.  Houston has a chance in this game however after the last time they met up I sort of saw that the Texans do not have it in them to beat the Colts.  They can be up by 20 points and still lose.

GC: I’m not a believer; the Colts haven’t shown me anything, their last two wins could have easily gone the other way. They aren’t dominant. Houston squeaks this one out.


Minnesota @ Tampa Bay

RB: Minnesota took care of business last week versus the Packers, breathing new life into the team. However, Tampa has to contend with the Falcons and the Panthers and must win this game to stay in contention. Tampa will take this one, and send the Vikings back to .500.

Bing: Vikings by seven

ADRIAN PETERSON ADRIAN PETERSON ADRIAN PETERSON. With Frerotte struggling and the Vikings facing a good Tampa team expect the Vikings to run A.P down their throats. One thing that should be learned from last weeks game, you give this kid the ball he will win ball games for you. 

The Vikings have a good pass rush that forced two safeties vs. Green Bay last week and the main weakness with this Buccaneers team is they have not had consistent performance out of that QB spot. I see that getting exploited and also the Vikings imposing their will on Tampa Bay’s defense.

GC: Tampa is coming off a bye and playing at home, I’ll take the Bucs in this one.


Oakland @ Miami

RB: I reeeeealy want Miami to lose this game, as a little streak like this will surely not bode well for the Patriots next week. They are favored by 10.5, and although I expect the Raiders to beat the spread, I begrudgingly select Miami as my pick.  *bangs head on desk repeatedly*

Bing: Dolphins by 17

A meeting between two teams who have both spent the majority of the past six years at the bottom of their respective divisions.

One thing has changed, the ‘Fins hired a Tuna who helped turn this franchise around. I expect a blow-out by the Dolphins; right now there is nothing right with the Raiders.  Until Al Davis sells the franchise or trusts somebody else to run it, they will be perennial contenders for the 1st overall draft pick. 

The Dolphins have a tough defense, one of the best running-back duos in the league, and a QB who makes very few mistakes. The Raiders are counting down until Michael Vick comes out of jail. 

Expect a very ugly day for this Raider Defense and the immediate firing of whichever unfortunate soul has to coach this team. I mean that is the winning formula? Right, Al?

GC: There is nothing resurgent about Oakland just dysfunction. If the coaches let him, Pennington could have a 400 yard passing day, they won’t, but Miami will win it anyway.


Baltimore @ NY Giants

RB: UPSET ALERT! UPSET ALERT!  The Giants are looking great as of now, and the Ravens are 6-3 behind Rookie Joe Flacco. I see a low scoring, defensive minded effort from both teams with the Ravens winning by three.

Bing: Ravens by three

I do not like the Giants. The Giants and this year's Ravens are very similar, they both play stingy defense, they both rely on their running games, and both of them have QB’s who have shown both signs of brilliance, and signs of failure. See the Giants-Vikings game last year or the Ravens Colts game this year. 

The Ravens play better defense, the Giants have a stronger running-game, and no way in hell does Eli Manning continue to look like a NFL QB for this long into the season.

I see the Ravens shutting down the Giants running game, Eli doing good but not excellent, and Flacco proving himself a franchise QB in the face of those scary New York Defensive linemen.

GC: This should be a defensive slugfest. I’m looking for the Ravens to pull off an upset in this game, and I think it’ll be by the defense scoring some points.


Detroit @ Carolina

RB: Last year, my dream of seeing an 0-16 team perished when the Ravens lost to the Dolphins in overtime. This  year, the dream is almost complete, as the Detroit Lions are taking it one game at a time, doing all the right things, and putting in the right players to lose. I like it! 

However what I don't like is that they are starting Culpepper. Detroit is really trying to win this one! C'mon Carolina, keep my dream alive.  YES WE CAN!!

Bing: Panthers by 21

The one strength the Lions have had all year will probably be shut down by this strong Carolina secondary. Calvin Johnson, who, by the way, I am only one degree of separation away from; my friend was a cheerleader at Georgia Tech and was friends with him, will be up against one of the best passing defenses in the league. 

Doesn’t matter which QB plays they will struggle and this Detroit team will once again be blown out.  But be sure to start Johnson in your fantasy league, expect his weekly 50+ yard fly route in garbage time after the game is over.

GC: Detroit doesn’t have a chance. Besides, they don’t want to give up that first-round pick now.


Philadelphia @ Cincinnati

RB: The Bungles are still the Bungles, no matter what. Philly should beast in this game.

Bing: Eagles by 14

These Eagles are going to be pissed off from missing an opportunity to beat the division leading Giants. The Bengals have a horrid defense while the Eagles still have Westbrook and McNabb. No way the Bengals find their second win here. Eagles have shown this season that they can whoop bad teams, and that is exactly what the Bengals are.

GC: The Eagles have to win this if they have any hope of making it to the playoffs but this shouldn’t be too hard against the Bengals.


Sunday 11/16/2008 4:05 pm EST

St. Louis @ San Francisco

RB: In what will surely be the most boring game of the week, I like the 49ers.  I mean it just wasn't fair that the Jets ran up the score last week against the Rams. What an unclassy move. 

I'm sure that the 47 points embarrassed and hurt the Rams feelings. Oh wait, we're talking about the Jets not the Patriots, I forgot. Run it up all you like! Double standard here?

Bing: Rams by seven

The only thing this San Francisco team has going for it is Hill.  I think they will put up a fight but I expect a crazy Rams team to come back and redeem itself from the debacle they were in last week.  However, both teams are so bad it really could go either way.

GC: Coach Singletary wanted to go for it on 4th-and-1 but Martz sent out the field-goal unit. I bet Mike Martz won’t be going against him any more. San Fran wins this one at home because they can.


Arizona @ Seattle

RB: Kurt Warner might win the NFL MVP Award this year. I repeat, Kurt Warner may win the MVP this year. It's weird, I used to hate the guy, but now I kinda like him.  I think its because his wife stays home and isn't on screen every 30 seconds like she was in 1999. Take the Cards.

Bing: Cardinals by 17

Cardinals are for real, they will light the Seahawks up through the air and they will run them down. Something happened this offseason, these are not the same Seahawks that we have seen in recent years.

GC: Arizona has to win on the road if they hope to be better than a one and out playoff team. They’ll win this one.



Sunday 11/16/2008 4:15 pm EST

Tennessee @ Jacksonville

RB: Tennessee is still undefeated, which frankly surprises me because KERRY FREAKING COLLINS is their starting quarterback. I read today that the Titans are the 14th team since the merger to start 9-0. Well, Titans tell me how 9-1 tastes. Jaguars win and end the Titans quest for 19-0. :)

Bing: Jaguars by three

Pop that champagne, Mercury, you bastard. I expect Jacksonville to be tough and have a breakthrough with its division rival and hand the Titans their first loss. This Titans team is good, and will probably win the Super Bowl, however they just don’t have that “it.” 

What happened with the Patriots last year is they started winning close games, eventually on a day that I don’t remember they couldn’t pull the close win out. Karma for the nail-killer game when they played an inspired Ravens team. The Titans started showing signs of winning close. They could very well go 15-1 and this is the game I see them picking up that first L.

GC: I wish somebody would beat the Titans already but it’s not going to be this week either. Jacksonville just does not generate enough offense to overcome the Titans defense.


San Diego @ Pittsburg

RB: Can the Steelers just end the Chargers' season already? A sixth loss would spell doom for San Deigo, and the Steelers have to avenge last week's heartbreaker

Bing:  Steelers by seven

I’m sorry Chargers, not really, but this is the most disappointing team this season. I see them hurting there chances to win the division vs. a physical Steelers team. The Steelers have consistently shut down the best of running backs, with L.T. looking like a shell of his MVP self I see that trend continuing as the Steelers win a tough one.

GC: Imagine, there are some murmurs out there looking to have Ben benched and start Byron Leftwich. Either way the Steelers win at home.



Sunday 11/16/2008 8:15 pm EST

Dallas @ Washington

RB: PSSST!!! Ryan, Wake up.

Bing: Cowboys by six

With Romo coming back the Cowboys will show just how real they are. I think they come and win a close one vs. the Redskins. I think it will be close because the Redskins are still a really good team but the Cowboys should be playing with its heart this week. 

Romo will probably have a good day while the Dallas D attempts to earn its paycheck and slow down Portis.

GC: Washington is playoff bound and they’re not going to let a crippled quarter back pass all over them. Dallas will have to sit Romo because Washington will be gunning for him.



Monday 11/16/2008 8:30 pm EST

Cleveland @ Buffalo

RB: YO! Ryan

Bing:  Browns by three

I believe in Brady Quinn. The Bills will hit rock bottom this week and lose their fourth game in a row and take sole possession of last place, a quick drop from the first place they held a mere two weeks ago.

The Browns will definitely be motivated by the talks of players “quitting” and play all 60 minutes this game, they still have the main players that helped them have that superb offense last year and Quinn will take full advantage of all of the weapons. 

The Bills do not have the most fearsome pass-rushers in the league, so I see Quinn having all day to find those receivers and TE downfield.

GC: I’m picking way too many road teams this week but I think the Browns will rally around Brady Quin as they win this in a close game.


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