10 NFL Cheerleaders with Brains to Go with the Beauty

Michael DulkaContributor IAugust 23, 2011

10 NFL Cheerleaders with Brains to Go with the Beauty

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    In the NFL, the love of cheerleaders is probably one of the only things you could get fans from across the league to agree on. The majority of NFL fans have no problem enjoying the cheerleaders from any team in the league.

    We are all aware of the stereotypes of cheerleaders: they are ditsy, unintelligent, beauty instead of brains. Surely true of some of the girls, but this cannot be applied across the board. 

    There are cheerleaders in the NFL that are actually teachers, nurses and businesswomen alike. This is a list of 10 cheerleaders that have brains to match their beauty. 

Kelly: Atlanta Falcons

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    Kelly originally comes from Miami, Florida, but now resides in Atlanta as an educated woman and cheerleader for the Falcons.

    She attended the Florida State University and earned a degree in political science with a minor in business administration.

    She went back to school to complete a master's in international administration from the University of Miami. It is unknown whether she received gifts from Nevin Shapiro.   

    Her team profile can be found here

Kristen D: Baltimore Ravens

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    Kristen has been a Ravens cheerleader for six years. When she is not cheering, she pays the bills as high school teacher.

    A graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park, Kristen teaches chemistry and nutrition science.

    Teaching high school is a significant challenge without the added stress of being a professional cheerleader.

    Her team profile can be found here

Heather: Denver Broncos

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    Heather attended the University of Denver and received a degree in business administration.

    She is in her second year with the Denver Broncos and works as a special education teacher when she is not cheering.

    It takes an incredible blend of intelligence, patience and understanding to be able to do that work. Kudos to Heather.

    Her team profile can be found here

Casandra R: Indianapolis Colts

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    Casandra splits time between cheering for the Colts and studying as a law student in the city.

    She also works as a law clerk.

    Being a law student in general is impressive, but when added to the time commitment that is cheering, Casandra's studies are that much more impressive.

    Her team profile can be found here

Krystal: Kansas City Chiefs

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    Krystal is in her sixth year with the Kansas City Chiefs as a cheerleader.

    Before auditioning for the Chiefs, she attended the University of Richmond and received a degree in computer science with minors in mathematics and dance. 

    Her team profile can be found here.  

Margaret: Denver Broncos

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    Margaret compliments her time as a Denver Broncos cheerleader like some others on this list: educating others.

    Margaret doesn't just teach at the high school level though; she is an adjunct professor at Pikes Peak Community College.

    She attended Duke University, earning a degree in psychology with a minor in dance.

    Her team profile can be found here. 

Monica V: Indianapolis Colts

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    Monica V. can currently be found on the sidelines of Indianapolis Colts games or in the halls of a Indianapolis hospital.

    Monica studied to become a registered nurse and juggles the long shifts of a nurse with the physically draining practice sessions of an NFL cheerleader.

    Her team profile can be found here

Mischell: Seattle Seahawks

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    Seattle Seahawks cheerleader Mischell has quite the educational background.

    She received her bachelor's degree in sociology at the University of Washington and went on to earn a master's at Boston University in project management.

    When not on cheering on the 'Hawks, she works in property management in the Seattle area.

    Her team profile can be found here.  

Meredith: Oakland Raiders

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    Oakland Raiders cheerleader Meredith attended one of the top schools in the nation, the University of California at Berkeley.

    During her time at Cal, she studied sociology with an emphasis in media studies.

    She also studied abroad for a semester at the University of Oslo in Norway, learning the local language during her tenure there. She now works in venture capital.  

    Her team profile can be found here

Brandy: Kansas City Chiefs

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    When Brandy is not cheering for the Chiefs, she spends her time as a life scientist for the federal government.

    Life sciences consists of the study of all things living (go figure). She attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a degree in biology.

    Her team profile can be found here.