The Christian Cage Saga Continues

adam smereckiCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

The Christian Cage contract discussion is still a hot topic. Apparently, early reports of Cage staying with TNA are not true. Cage has yet to sign anything with TNA or WWE.

Cage has played this portion of his career expertly. When Cage left the WWE he did it quietly and showed up on TNA television with virtually no warning.

Cage has taken himself from mid-card status to a main eventer in TNA. Now if he were to head back to the WWE, he would be expected to main event or at least have a few high profile story lines. has some food for thought regarding the Christian Cage saga:

"At Monday's Impact taping, Christian Cage was written out of television. Cage was attacked by the Main Event Mafia and left lying at the conclusion of the show, similar to the New World Order taking out The Giant on an episode of Monday Nitro in January 1999 because he was heading off to WWE. However, there is an opening for a possible return to TNA.

The angle was written in a way for it to be a blowoff of his character in case Cage signs with WWE, but he could also come back as a vengeful babyface should he re-sign with TNA.

Cage is still listening to TNA, so he's not a lock to return to WWE quite yet. People close to the situation believe he is leaning towards returning to WWE, but he is still open to the idea of re-signing with TNA should they make him an offer he can't refuse."

I tend to believe Cage is well suited for whatever job he decides to take. For TNA's sake lets hope he stays.