UFC vs. Bellator: Who Has the Hotter Ring Girls with Brittany Palmer Gone?

Tim McTiernan@tmt2393Correspondent IAugust 21, 2011

UFC vs. Bellator: Who Has the Hotter Ring Girls with Brittany Palmer Gone?

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    It's a question that has long been pondered by MMA fans all over the world, who has the sexier ring girls?

    The UFC or Bellator?

    Okay, so maybe it hasn't been pondered all over the world, but it certainly is something to look into.

    After Bellator 48, our very own Matt Juul had the privilege of speaking with the Bellator ring girls, Jade Bryce and Mercedes Lewis, and they are even hotter in person than they are on TV.

    You can look at the two main girls for the UFC as well, Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell, and you can't help but wonder, who truly is sexier?

    Read on for the sexiest slideshow on B/R today.

    Note: Brittney will not be included in the battle, because it would be unfair to the other ring girls.

Arianny Celeste

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    Miss Arianny Celeste is the main UFC ring girl, and has been with the UFC since 2006.

    Arianny has been featured at dozens of UFC events, in addition to being in Playboy and a Bud Light Lime commercial.

    I once saw someone make the following comment:

    So if the ring girls are wearing green bikinis because they're being sponsored by Bud Light Lime, would they wear clear ones if they were sponsored by Aquafina?

    One can only dream.

Jade Bryce

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    Jade Bryce is a 26-year-old ring girl for Bellator, and simply put, wow.

    This makes me want more fights to go the distance.

Chandella Powell

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    Chandella Powell is a ring girl for the UFC and she has been with the organization for a little more than a year now.

    Anybody else out there think that her and Arianny should wear those red bikinis instead of the ones they wear now?

Mercedes Lewis

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    Mercedes Lewis is a ring girl for Bellator.

    I stand corrected. I'd rather everyone wear those pink bikinis.


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    In the end, does it really matter which organization has the hotter ring girls?

    Now that the UFC is on Fox, we will be seeing Arianny and Chandella on network television four times a year, and many, many more times on FX and The Ultimate Fighter.

    And with Bellator on MTV2, and the next season set to begin on September 10th, we'll get to see more of Mercedes and Jade.

    And maybe if we're all lucky we'll get to see some Brittney at the UFC events.

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    Every slideshow needs a little Brittney.

    Thanks for reading!

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