Georgia Should Defeat Auburn

NC NighthawkAnalyst INovember 13, 2008

The Georgia Bulldogs have wrapped up a bowl game at the minimum, and another 10-win season would remain within reach regardless of Saturday's outcome. They've won eight games and still have Georgia Tech to play. To lose to this Auburn Tigers team would be too much to bear for a team that began the season ranked No. 1 in the country. Defeating Georgia Tech can no longer be considered anything close to a given. 

Another Auburn loss almost officially would knock the Tigers out of the bowl picture, unless they knock off top-ranked Alabama. Of course, any talk of an upset is vain if Auburn's offense can't figure out how to score. Kodi Burns resorts to  running with the football to be effective.

However, we have the Auburn offense meeting the Georgia defense. The Bulldogs have surrendered 125 points the past three games to LSU, Florida, and Kentucky. 49 of those points came on short drives set up by turnovers, kick returns and, a silly decision by Mark Richt to attempt an onside kick against Florida.

The Silver Fox Forecast: Georgia 30, Auburn 24



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