Habs Players Say The Dardnest Things: Part II

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Habs Players Say The Dardnest Things: Part II

In honor of their 100th anniversary, relive the past with quotes from current and former members  of the Montreal Canadiens.

The coach of the Atlanta Flames, in the locker room before the 1st game of the team expansion in Atlanta:

"Listen fellas. I’ve got to tell you this. I’m not the greatest coach in the world. But if you look around this room you’ll see that I don’t have the greatest players either."

     Bernard Geoffrion - October 14, 1972


After a booking mistake at the St.Louis hotel, the Canadiens’ players go stay at a luxurious hotel in an upper-class suburb. The Habs’ goalie says :

"That’s way too nice for us. Hockey players don’t have enough class to stay in such a place."

     Michel Larocque - Mid-October 1980


During a game, when Flyer’s goon Dave Brown asks him what he’s doing on the power play, the Habs policeman replies:

"What are you doing in this league?"

Chris Nilan - January 15, 1988


On being asked whether he planned to return behind the bench the following season, the L.A. Kings coach answers:

"Oh, yes, I love sleepless nights."

      Larry Robinson -  April 1999


An overconfident Canadien goalie, before the playoffs against the Edmonton Oilers:

"Lafleur will put Gretzky in his little back pocket."

    Richard Sévigny - Spring 1989
3 games later, the Canadiens were eliminated by Gretzky and his friends!


The Canadiens’ winger, who’s having a lot of fun playing softball during the summer:

"Hitting a homerun is more satisfying to me than scoring a goal."

     Stéphane Richer - August 1991


The linemate of Montréal Canadiens rookie Stéphane Richer who’s somewhat discouraged:

"Stéphane expects to play 80 good games; that’s impossible."

Mats Naslund - January 1988



The former General Manager of the Maple Leafs and former goalie of the Canadiens about Glen Sather, Edmonton Oilers GM:

"He is the hero of every story he tells."

      Ken Dryden - Early November 1998



The Red Wings defenseman after tearing a knee ligament while playing with a team in Switzerland during the 1995 NHL lockout :

"So here I am running at guys who aren't taller than 5-foot-8, and I'm the one who tears up his knee."

   Chris Chelios - Mid January 1995



The former Canadien’s GM on defenseman Vladimir Malakhov:

"I know that he often gives only 60% of his capacity, but it’s hard to punish him because at 60% he’s better than our other defensemen at 100%"

   Réjean Houle

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