WWE Smackdown: The B Show That Is Showing Its a Quality.

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WWE Smackdown: The B Show That  Is Showing Its a Quality.

Smackdown has always been the "B" show of the two brands, the show people turn on when they are bored and see what is going on with the other superstars.

Smackdown used to be even better than RAW, because it was an extension of RAW when it was first created.

It had all the superstars and seemed like it was destined to be that way for a long while. It had plenty of moments that were unforgettable, many of them featured in another article on B/R.

However, as the roster has gotten less star powered and the younger stars are not competing at a high enough level, the product has declined over the years.

The product has slowly been getting the downgrade, which has been evident over the past five to six years. However, even a month or so before Triple H took the reigns and ran with it, Smackdown was getting much better.

It started with the Randy Orton and Christian feud that is filled with controversy because Christian just won the title at Extreme Rules against Alberto Del Rio, only to lose it to Orton on the next Smackdown show.

That immediately made it a must watch show because people wanted to see what would happen. With that, Mark Henry was continuing his dominate run in the WWE. This was something that fans always thought Henry should do, because it would be a correct us of his character. 

Henry was destroying people left and right. It brought attention to him that is much deserved and made people want to tune in, to see if it will continue with the Big Show.

Daniel Bryan had just won the MITB briefcase. This was something unexpected and made the fans happy, something they were always rooting for but thought would never happen.

Daniel is getting a major push.

With this happening, fans wanted to tune into Smackdown to see him being recognized and what would happen with the case. When we got the answer it was very like Daniel Bryan. Despite the wait the fans will have to go through, one of their favorite superstars is getting the push of his career. 

Stars like Sheamus and Wade Barrett are being used as well. Smackdown went through those feuds and got to this point, and it has since gotten better. The new feuds are very promising.

Smackdown has Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the title. This has been something fans were expecting since Mark Henry began his domination. This will be great to see how the Viper will handle Henry.

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Or will it be Henry handling him?

What cannot be forgotten is that Sheamus will stick his nose in there some how, and Christian is still lurking around. How they factor into all of it will be interesting, to say the least. 

Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett is not a feud that will slowly disappear into the night. Barrett holds a victory over the MITB winner in a great match and right now Daniel has to prove himself after his loss to Alberto Del Rio. He has something to prove and beating Wade Barrett is the only way to go about it.

With these guy's in-ring abilities and talents they will always put on a match that will steal the show. How can anyone not want to see these guys fight?

Finally, the Intercontinental Championship.

These matches have become great again, thanks to Cody Rhodes. What he has done for himself and the character he is playing is entertaining and funny to watch. He has done well for himself.

When he wrestles it is always a great match. He has a nice one to punch with his off the rope kick and his Cross Rhodes. Right now there is only one guy who should face Cody—and that is Ted.

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Cody has fought Jackson both times and beaten him. One was for the title and the other was a clean defense. He has established himself and now it is Ted's turn to get back into the fray.

A rivalry between these two is inevitable.

These guys can put on a show. With the title being on the line down the road, it will make for one hell of a match.

People will read through this and after their done being excited will say, "But that is only three matches. What about everything else?"

That is a valid question, but I answer with: "Is it not a great start?" 

Right now Smackdown is rebuilding itself to be one hell of a brand to tune in to. Triple H has shown interest in restoring the Tag Team and Divas Division. He has actively gone out and sought quality tag teams and divas to fit the picture, despite some of the best leaving the company.

The Cruiserweight Title seems to be making a comeback as well, with Smackdown displaying people such as Tyson Kid and Justin Gabriel. With Sin Cara there as well—along with others, such as Trent Beretta and Yoshi Tatsu—it seems likely that it will be brought back sometime in the future.

As anyone knows, all of those titles will be dual-branded. They can be defended on both shows. With the titles always being thrown into the mix, how can anyone not get excited for Smackdown?

There was an article on here that told of Smackdown coming to an end. I say in this article that not only should it continue, but it will continue—and flourish. Smackdown is bringing its "A" game, and it appears it will remain that way for the future.

Not bad for a "B" show, eh?

Thanks everyone for reading! Let me know what you think about Smackdown, the article, and how I did on it! Be sure to check out my other articles and comment on those as well! I appreciate all the feedback I can get! Peace!

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