WWE: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

Alex Guy@@iamatothaxContributor IIIAugust 21, 2011

WWE: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

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    I'm Alex Guy and this is my very first article here on Bleacher Report. I'm very excited to get straight into the subject of this article but if you'd like to find out more about myself or my interests, please feel free to check out my profile.

    As many of us are by now fully aware, the Sin Cara we have been seeing on SmackDown in recent weeks is not the same Sin Cara we were introduced to back in April of this year. This is because the original Sin Cara (to be referred to as 'Mistico' from now on) was suspended for 30 days in late July for violating the WWE's wellness policy.

    Determined to continue the popular Sin Cara gimmick, WWE put developmental wrestler Hunico into the role after Mistico was injured (kayfabe) during the SmackDown Money In The Bank ladder match.

    With Mistico's suspension over in time for SmackDown this Friday, there are a number of rumours surfacing on the internet of a feud between Mistico and Hunico, both under the Sin Cara gimmick, upon his return.

    I've put together a list of three pros and three cons for this potential feud and will summarise my view in the final slide. So without further ado, let's get this show on the road!

Pro: Improving Mistico as a WWE Wrestler

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    It's no secret that Mistico's matches have been filled with botch after botch and there are many rumours that such occurrences have gained him an amount of backstage heat that makes Kane's entrance pyro seem cold in comparison.

    If it wasn't for the fact that he is Triple H's 'pet project,' there is little doubt he would likely have been read his 'future endeavours' statement by now. Hunico has been in the WWE fold for a lot longer than Mistico and as such has been able to tailor his matches into more of a 'WWE style,' which has been noticeable by the improved match quality during Hunico's time under the Sin Cara gimmick.

    Perhaps a feud between these two would allow Hunico to pass on some of his greater WWE experience to Mistico in order to greatly reduce the amount of botches in future Mistico matches.


Con: Botch Potential

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    When thinking of the pro for the previous slide, this con popped into my mind almost immediately. What if this match follows the script from previous Mistico matches and is, in short, a complete letdown?

    With the amount of high-paced, high-flying and high-adrenaline action a feud between these two would undoubtedly serve up, the potential for botches increases and as we've seen in the past, Mistico is no stranger to a botch.

    Surely, a few more matches like his previous singles efforts in the WWE would spell the end for Mistico's WWE career, even with the backing of Triple H.

Pro: Mexican Interest

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    Words cannot describe Mistico's popularity in his homeland of Mexico. CMLL (the promotion Mistico is most heavily linked with in Mexico) ran an entire series of comic books based on the man! He was even rumoured to have political sway in the country due to his popularity and association with the political party 'PAN.'

    As Mexican fans see Mistico as the true Sin Cara, a feud with Hunico playing a heel, imposter Sin Cara would generate mass interest and, more importantly for the WWE, money.

    With a tour of Mexico on the horizon and Alberto Del Rio as the Undisputed WWE Champion, Vince McMahon has Mexico in the palm of his hand and this feud would surely tighten his grip.

Con: Confusion for the Casual Fan and Children

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    As far as casual fans and kids are concerned, Sin Cara has just returned from an injury sustained when powerbombed through a ladder by Sheamus during the SmackDown Money In The Bank match—although they are curious as to why Sin Cara appears slightly bigger than he was before his injury.

    They are assured by the commentators that this is the same Sin Cara as before, he just had to spend some extra time in the gym as part of his rehabilitation process.

    Now, if we were to start throwing words like 'Mistico' and 'Hunico' at them, they become slightly more confused and if we were to put two Sin Caras in the ring together, well, we may as well tell them we all live on Mars. With confusion eventually comes frustration and the last thing the WWE wants to do is frustrate the casual fan and perhaps more so, the children (whose parents are likely to be casual fans) with their product.

Pro: The Possibility of That Elusive Great Match

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    I don't think any of us, as cynical as some may be, ever want to see any individual who enters the WWE completely fail. Not only is it embarrassing for the individual, it dissapoints us, the fans, who pay good money and invest a lot of our time and interest into the company.

    If Mistico can pull out that one match that makes everyone sit back and think "Wow, I loved that" and makes them desperate to see him in action again, there is no doubt that the praise would do wonders for his shattered confidence and set him back on the right track to becoming one of the best high-flyers the WWE has ever had

    Just maybe, Hunico is the man to pull that match out of him.

Con: Where Does Hunico Go from This Feud?

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    If this feud happens and is a success, the man to reap the rewards would be Mistico. He is, after all, Triple H's project and would certainly go over if this feud were to occur.

    So what happens to Hunico? After all the work he has put into being Sin Cara and keeping the gimmick going is Mistico's absence, where does he go? He can't be Sin Cara anymore as Hunico would certainly be unmasked after this feud and exposed as the 'Fake Sin Cara,' it would be not unlike the creative team to send Hunico back to WWE developmental territory FCW after all his efforts and place him at the bottom of the heap once again.

    If this feud does occur and is a hit, I would hope Hunico's efforts would not be overlooked and he is given a push under a new gimmick.


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    Personally, I would like to see this feud as currently, the Sin Cara character is not engaged, or does not seem to be engaged in any lengthy angle and creative have certainly struggled to find any prolonged angle for Mistico since his debut in April.

    This feud would give Mistico a real storyline to work with as opposed to just odd matches here and there, which aren't actually building up to anything. Booked well, this angle could last a long time and really draw in viewers, such as myself, who have not been able to get into the Sin Cara character that was so legendary during his time in Mexico.

    But of course, as is always with Bleacher Report, the comment box is there for a reason. Feel free to have your say on this subject.

    Would you like to see the feud? How would you book it? I'll try to respond to as many comments as I can. Also, since this is my first article, I'd really appreciate some constructive feedback on my writing and suggestions for future pieces.

    Thank you for reading!