Pittsburgh Penguins: I'm Still Hard from the Detroit Game

Peter TumbasCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Enjoy some last minute musings in regards to the famous Pinguino comeback or the infamous Red Wing bed-wetting before the Flyers game in less than two hours.

Honestly, I haven't seen a stick lift like Staal's since I played NHL 09 for PS3 last night. That was the most aggressive upward chop in the history of the game. The only thing better was watching 32-year-old, baby-faced Datsyuk immediately blow out a tire after the turnover. So soft.

Osgood cost the game for the Red Wings in overtime. I understand Jordan Staal was having a hot evening. A natural hat trick when your team is down three certainly justifies an increase in one's body temperature. But Staal hasn't been a feared goal-scorer since the 2006-2007 season when he scored 29. And even then teams weren't devising ways to slow him down. 

Staal was two strides inside the blue line before Osgood was way beyond his crease. A lifeguard should have been blowing his whistle demanding that he return to shore. With no hesitation, Staal slid a pass through the middle to Ruslan for the easy one-timer. Osgood was so shocked at the pass that he tripped trying to get from post to post.

The only thing more depressing than watching Osgood's soul be eviscerated by Tank was seeing the number of Penguin fans in the stands. 

Detroit, are you serious? You're the defending Stanley Cup champs!  Really, you are the only thing that's been somewhat above average in that city for the last decade and you can't sell out your building to your own fans? Soft.

The Flyers are in town. All this means is that Mike Therrien will verbally assault John Stevens, regardless of the outcome, and John Stevens will cry in response. 

Penguins win 4-2, allowing the two goals in the final period.