Pro Wrestling: Five More Things I Miss in Wrestling

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIIAugust 21, 2011

Pro Wrestling: Five More Things I Miss in Wrestling

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    A couple of months ago I posted a slideshow about things that I miss in wrestling.  I appreciate all the Bleacher Report readers posting comments after reading my article.

    I figured after a summer of watching wrestling, I would post five more things that I miss in wrestling.  As always, feel free to leave comments at the end.  

5. Clash of the Champions

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    This was the closest thing that cable television came to a pay per view.  When WCW would put Clash of the Champions on TBS every year, I must admit I was excited.  Being a youngster, it was the closest thing I would get to a PPV each year.  

    TBS did a good job building it up and WCW put on a good show.  The night would usually end with Sting reigning supreme to the delight of thousands in the audience.  

4. Lord Alfred Hayes

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    As a youngster watching WWF on the USA network, I was drawn to the guy with the "funny" accent.  Little did I know that Lord Alfred Hayes already created quite a career in the world of pro wrestling.

    Whether it was describing the scene backstage on Prime Time Wrestling or trying to endorse Stetson cologne, Lord Alfred always brought the thunder to the TV.

3. Segments Including Piper's Pit, the Barber Shop, and Brother Love Show

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    As cheesy as some of them were, these side segments were interesting.  I remember the night that Savage and Elizabeth were getting wedding gifts, and Jake Roberts decided to get them a cobra instead. 

    What made these better was the fact that most of the wrestlers seem to stumble through the segment and seemed as if they were just saying whatever they would like to say.  

    However, the turning point came on Beefcake's Barber Shop when Shawn Michaels ended his relationship with Marty Jannetty and begin his singles career.  

2. Hulk Hogan's Rock-N-Wrestling

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    I am not sure how I didn't include this in the first list, but I wised up and placed it here.  Being so into wrestling as a kid and then being able to watch it in cartoon form was a double bonus for me.

    This was one of the highlights of my Saturday mornings, and then I could look forward to WCW Saturday Night later in the day.  

    I would love to see how they portrayed today's characters in the cartoon.  Can you imagine what kind of a cartoon character CM Punk would be?  What about Goldust?

1. The Crowd Rising as Someone Walks to the Ring During a Match

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    I know this is a stretch, but one of the things that made wrestling great then was watching the crowd stand up on television because someone was coming to the ring.  

    It was interesting to see who was coming to the ring because the live crowd usually knew about five seconds before the television audience did.  

    I remember thinking that when the crowd stood up, it meant something big was about to happen.  Now, you hear the person's theme music and you know who it is before they even enter from the back.

    It was fun watching the crowd and then seeing who was about to get in the ring.  


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    There are so many other aspects that I could have mentioned, but I try to keep most of my articles short and to the point.  As always, leave a comment if you would like.