Titans-Jaguars: Tennessee's Undefeated Streak Ends in Jacksonville.

John TylerContributor INovember 13, 2008

First off, I am shocked and surprised that nobody has beat me to the punch by writing this article. Especially a writer from the Jacksonville community. 


Since nobody has taken the honor in doing so, I will go out on a limb and say that the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to beat the Tennessee Titans this Sunday.


I do not have a lot of great reasons why they will win, other than the Titans are Beatable.  The last two weeks the Tennessee Titans have no impressed me.  They squeaked by the Green Bay Packers in overtime and then beat the Chicago Bears last Sunday, 21-14.


The Packers have showed the rest of the NFL how to stop the Titans offense. If your defense can play man to man on the outside and your front eight can stop the run then you will force Kerry Collins to throw and it will be a close game.


The Packers stayed in the game because they have good man coverage cornerbacks and the reason the Bears were unable to win is because their pass defense is ranked 30th in the NFL and Kerry Collins picked them apart.


Rashean Mathis along with the rest of the Jaguars secondary is going to have to step up in order for my prediction to come true. If they can make the Titans one dimensional, then they will win this game and have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.


Go Jaguars!


Prediction: 17-14 Jaguars