WWE Alberto Del Rio: Top 4 Reasons He Is One of the Worst WWE Characters Today

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 20, 2011

WWE Alberto Del Rio: Top 4 Reasons He Is One of the Worst WWE Characters Today

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    This guy is someone that has been really counterproductive for WWE. He is the WWE champion right now and he had a great match against Rey Mysterio. However, before all of those things he has been a laughsx at, boring and annoying character for the WWE. 

    At first, his character was a refreshment and people were interested in what he was. It turned out he was another JBL. That was not a bad thing because JBL is one of the best superstars in WWE's history.

    JBL could talk all day and back up every word. When Alberto Del Rio kept talking, it produced nothing.

    Since Del Rio started in the WWE, he was always a big flop. He would win some, then lose some, win a couple, then not appear. WWE always had bigger plans for him. They would always fizzle out.

    This slideshow is going to show why he is one of the worst characters in WWE.

    Without further ado, let the slideshow begin.  

His Win/Loss Record

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    Alberto Del Rio is 21-17-1 in 2011. He is the WWE champion and he barely has a decent record for the WWE. 

    People can argue that wrestlers who have had not so great records went on to become champion thus not making it a huge deal. However, when it comes to becoming well known in the WWE, their record starts becoming important. 

    He has beaten great talent in the WWE but barely as much as they have beaten him. The record shows that he is not a dominant wrestler and he can be beaten as easily by the people he won it from. 

    When the IWC talks about the great wrestlers and champions of WWE's past such as Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and so on, their records speak for themselves.  When it comes to Alberto Del Rio, it is something people want to avoid. 

    It should not be so surprising, however, because he also has an MMA record of 9-5. The silver lining with the record is he had a six match winning streak at one point. Perhaps he should go back to that.

He Is Unoriginal

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    Alberto Del Rio comes out to the ring and says the same things over and over and over again. They may not be the same exact words, but they all mean the same thing.

    "My name is Alberto (pause) DEL RIO!" There is usually a five-second pause after he says Alberto.

    He talks about his destiny, he is better than everyone else, no one can stop him (clearly his record shows that is false) and he is the best there is.

    That was cool and a way to get his name around when he debuted. But he has done this every single time he has come out since. The only reason why it has changed is because WWE finally figured out a way to get him the belt.

    That will be discussed in a bit. 

He Is Boring

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    He is boring everyone to death.

    Up until he won the title, he had been doing nothing but boring people with his promos, with his mic abilities and backstage skits.

    The only good thing he had going for him was when he ran over Big Show and that was a segue for Mark Henry.

    That proves that when he does do something interesting, it will not last very long with the WWE.

    Watch this promo and tell me the only non-boring part was the ending.

His Core Idea of Having a Destiny Is Shot

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    When he debuted with this, it was brilliant. 

    This was a perfect way to show who his character was and to build up wins and events for him to be taken seriously. WWE did a great job by having him win the Royal Rumble. This sent him to WrestleMania where it was expected for him to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Edge.

    At the time, it was not known that it would be Edge's last match. The plan was changed for Edge to win to further the story line to Extreme Rules. There, Del Rio would beat Edge in a ladder match to show he can beat Edge at his own game and would continue after that.

    However, Edge made the announcement that he had to retire due to injury and was now vacated. It was speculated that Del Rio was going to win the ladder match still with Christian involved. 

    But WWE now had the Randy Orton and Christian feud in mind since Randy had just come over from RAW. So, it was given to Christian who lost it on the next SmackDown show. 

    Finally, WWE gave Del Rio the MITB contract to cash in. There he cashed it in on CM Punk after being attacked by Nash.

    I have not ever seen WWE be so indecisive about one guy in a long time. It took them over six months to give him the title and it was done in a cheap cash in way. It is almost like WWE liked him and slowly over time got tired of building him for the title and gave it to him the fastest way they could think of.

    If WWE was going to go with the idea of destiny, they should have given him the title at Extreme Rules and worked from there instead of putting the IWC and fans through multiple moments of boredom, blandness and unoriginal content for him to work with.

    By the time he was given the title, it was done to death. 


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    When looking at everything about this character, it seems it had great potential but WWE kept either squandering it or putting it off. The character is one that is great for WWE but has been very poorly executed.

    Little to nothing has changed about him since his character debuted and that's not good. Del Rio himself is a great guy and anyone who watches his interviews knows that he does his best to try to make the character something great. WWE, however, keeps dropping the ball on him and is right now making him one of the worst to watch. 

    Del Rio is great in the ring and there is no question of that. Right now, he is the champion and has changed his tune a little bit much like other characters in the WWE have lately. This is a welcomed change and one that better continue if WWE does not want their audience to quickly get bored of their new champion.

    He can be great. If WWE was smart, they would back off controlling the character and let Alberto Del Rio himself control what is next in his future with the company.  



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