Kevin Nash: 5 Potential Big Matches Now That His Return to the Ring Is Official

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIIAugust 22, 2011

Kevin Nash: 5 Potential Big Matches Now That His Return to the Ring Is Official

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    According to, Kevin Nash was pulled from a few independent shows this week because the WWE needs him to take the necessary medical exams in order to wrestle.

    Thankfully, it looks like Big Daddy Cool is actually going to return to the squared circle sooner rather than later.

    Now that his return to the ring is basically a lock, it'll be interesting to see what the WWE will do with a dominant presence like Nash.

    His return at SummerSlam is still shrouded with mystery, and although last weeks Raw saw the beginning of a possible feud with CM Punk, there's still so many ways the WWE can go with this storyline.

    Nash's wrestling return is going to be quite special for every old school wrestling fan, who desperately want to see him do more than just talk trash to Punk for a few minutes. Nash was one of the biggest names in the business for years, and anybody who knows wrestling knows that Big Sexy can definitely make any storyline that much more intriguing.

    Here's a few things that Nash should do now that he's officially back inside the ring that made him a star more than 15 years ago.  

1. Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk

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    It's the most obvious storyline at the moment, and their little confrontation on Raw last week definitely got the ball rolling perfectly.

    But with the direction the WWE has been going lately with all their shocking twists, nothing is currently set in stone.

    Still, Nash vs. Punk would be a very interesting showdown, especially considering the different wrestling styles of both men. The WWE still has a few things to do before this match even becomes a possibility, but the foundation is there.

    Nash still needs to get rid of a little bit of mic rust, which was evident in his appearance on Raw, and expected with all the anticipation in the air. If he can cut some good promos and hang with Punk, the best mic man in the business, this match could really be something special. 

    Punk definitely has a good reason for wanting to fight Nash after Big Sexy ruined Punk's career moment at SummerSlam. It was the powerbomb heard around the world, and it may have just set in motion more changes for this company.

    Only time will tell, however.

    A match between the two at Night of Champions seems a little out of question, unless the WWE breaks their own rule and allows a non-title match to take place. But you can bet that these two guys are going to meet in the ring sooner rather than later. 

2. Kevin Nash vs. Triple H

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    Here's another match that will most likely become reality at some point in the future. Since Nash and HHH have been great friends for years, their chemistry in the ring would be nothing short of excellent.

    There's still no proof who sent Nash the text and told him to attack Punk at SummerSlam. The most obvious choice would be the current COO. On last weeks Raw, Nash mentioned that the text was from an old friend. He was pretty surprised that HHH said that he knew nothing about the attack and that him and his buddy need to "get on the same page."

    Let's not forget it was also HHH who apparently gave Nash the tickets for SummerSlam.

    Still, the WWE has been incredibly unpredictable lately, so nothing can be counted out. There just might be someone else pulling the strings in this whole thing, and if that's the case, a showdown between Nash and Trips is almost inevitable. 

    In my opinion, there is definitely a power struggle coming in the WWE. John Laurinaitis' character is continually taking on a much bigger role in the company, and that little private meeting that he had with Nash last week proved that the Executive VP of Talent Relations has something up his sleeve. Using Nash as his personnel muscle just might be what Laurinaitis needs in order to put a chokehold on the company and those who have recently opposed him.

    Lets not also forget the recent return of Stephanie McMahon, but her return is a shrouded in mystery as Nash's is at the moment.

    In due time, we'll see where Nash's loyalty lies, and it may mean a potential showdown between him and the COO himself, Triple H.

    A match between these two close friends makes tons of sense, and would be a great showdown to see at a big PPV like Survivor Series.

    However, these two guys have always been known as some of the dirtiest players in the game, and their close friendship might eventually bring them together, making both men that much more dangerous.

    Their Kliq bonds run deep, and with one of their own now in charge, who knows what this means for the future of the WWE.

    Which leads me to my next slide... 

3. Survivor Series Showdown with a Potential Stable

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    Nash is one of the most intimidating forces in the history of wrestling, and as a founder of the greatest stable of all time, NWO, he certainly knows a thing or two about just how dominant a good stable can be.

    If that's the direction that the WWE decides to go with their new ego-driven COO, then adding Nash to the equation would make a pretty big impact. Nash could easily be the muscle of any stable the WWE decides to create.

    Survivor Series and its famous elimination tag match would be the perfect place for Nash to really make his presence known. This year's Survivor Series is already shaping up to be huge, and if Nash ends up getting in the squared circle, it makes the event even more potentially profitable.

    I think a stable might be just what the WWE needs right now in order to continue with their hot streak. It would certainly shake things up a little bit, and it would be interesting to see what this stable might actually look like.

    Either way, adding Nash would be a key component to that success, and would give him one last run before he finally hangs it up for good.  

4. Kevin Nash vs. Big Show

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    If you watched this year's Royal Rumble, you know all about why this match has been buzzed about for months now. 

    When Nash returned at the Rumble as Diesel, it was one of the more unforgettable moments in recent history. After competing for about 5 minutes, Nash was eliminated and as he walked back up the ramp, he had a brief staredown with the BIg Show. In that instant, the rumors starting flying and the IWC went nuts.

    And why wouldn't they? Two of the most dominating forces in history going one-on-one would definitely be a dream match for tons of people.

    Then Nash disappeared again for another several months, ending any potential match in the upcoming future.

    However, Nash's official return to the ring might finally make this match a reality and would be a great addition to any PPV card. Big Show should be returning soon as well, so we'll just have to wait and see if the WWE decides to move in this direction.

5. Kevin Nash vs. The Undertaker

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    In no way am I stating that this should be the Wrestlmania match. There's plenty of other good options for that. 

    But if The Deadman does decide to return a little bit earlier then expected, a small feud against Nash would help generate some huge buzz, and would eliminate any ring rust The Undertaker might have before his mega-match at Wrestlemania 28.

    Both men do have a history with each other. For a few years, they were two of the biggest faces the WWE had to offer, and they helped keep the ship somewhat afloat while WCW pummeled them in the ratings. Until of course Nash jumped that ship too.

    If the WWE can find a way to bring about another Undertaker-Nash feud, it would definitely be a very fun, nostalgic rivalry to watch unfold. Maybe it would even convince Nash to bring back Diesel one more time for a Wrestlemania XII rematch.

    It's a long shot I know, but if it does happen, I think both men would be able to work off each other beautifully and really put on a special match for the fans. 


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    Well Bleachers, there you have it. Big Daddy Cool is one his way back to the ring, and I expect some big things to happen in the upcoming weeks.

    There's no doubt that Nash looks a little rusty in there. His mic skills will come back over time, and with a little work in the ring, there's no doubt that he'll make the same impact he's made for years in the squared circle.

    Hopefully, tonight on Raw we'll move one step closer to seeing what Nash's first match will be.