Miami Hurricanes: Show No Mercy, Death Penalty Is the Only Way

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Miami Hurricanes: Show No Mercy, Death Penalty Is the Only Way
TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 20: Quarterback Xavier Lee #1 of the Florida State Seminoles is hit by defensive end Eric Moncur #94 from the University of Miami Hurricanes at Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium October 20, 2007 in Tallahassee, Florida. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

The word is out—Nevin Shapiro provided illegal benefits to over 72 athletes over a nine year period. Now Miami Football is in deep trouble and could be facing bowl bans, and maybe even the death penalty.

The death penalty is a punishment handed down by the NCAA that disallows a College team from playing for at least one year.

Some people are against the death penalty. They say that the loss of Miami Football for a year would hurt the NCAA and lower interest in the sport. They say the NCAA would lose too much money, that a strong Miami is good for the sport.

I say this is why America has so many problems, we have our priorities mixed up. 

Miami broke the rules on an unprecedented scale. They did not monitor their program properly and now they must pay. Bowl bans and scholarship losses will not slow Miami down for more than a couple of years, what the NCAA must do is hammer Miami in a unprecedented way to match their crimes.

The NCAA can not show favoritism because Miami is a big name school. College football can survive a year without Miami, but it cannot survive if it continues to be inconsistent, indecisive, and biased.

This is not an opportunity to start paying players. To me this shows beyond a doubt that college players shouldn't get paid. NFL players are often too immature to handle the large amount of money and yet people think we should pay even more immature college players.

Do we want college players being enabled to take part in the things that Shapiro payed for them to do? Drunk parties, strip clubs, prostitutes. All it would provide is a plethora of ways for athletes to get in trouble. With the large amounts of money some propose to pay college athletes these behaviors would quickly get out of control.

I do believe that colleges should be allowed to give athletes some extra money for meals and such. With all the hours dedicated to their sport they don't have opportunities to get jobs, but they still must be amateurs. If colleges become semi-pro teams people will stop caring.

Perhaps the most sickening part of the whole mess was Shapiro's story about the time an athlete got a stripper pregnant. Shapiro payed for an abortion and did not tell the player what had happened. When asked why Shapiro said, "The idiot might have wanted to keep it."

Absolutely sickening. Shapiro didn't even let the player know he had a child. Yeah maybe he wouldn't have wanted to keep it. Maybe he was pro life and believes, like so many, that an abortion is murder. Maybe Shapiro, in the opinion of that player and many others, you killed his baby.

Miami let this happen. They let all of this happen. Shapiro claimed that Miami never tried to stop him and that many coaches and staff members knew. Ignorance is no excuse if Miami had even tried a little they could have stopped this whole thing.

Miami may be the "U," but their storied tradition should not keep them from the death penalty. Their punishment must be far worse than that of Tennessee, Ohio State, or USC because the crime is far worse than any of those schools.

The closest any school has come to committing crimes as heinous as these was Southern Methodist University. They were not spared the death penalty, why should Miami be spared? 

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