The Case for Justin Roper As Oregon's Starting QB

IcemanCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

The Oregon Ducks have several good quarterbacks on their roster.  So far Jeremiah Masoli has been the starter.  He has made some good plays this year and has shown some great potential for the years to come.

Masoli's running ability lets him make plays outside the pocket, and he can run for first downs and more.  But his ability to accurately throw the ball has been lacking.

Enter Justin Roper.  He has led the team to victory and has the most experience on the field.  He threw four touchdowns and led the team to a victory over South Florida last year in the Sun Bowl.

His passing skills are far more developed than Jeremiah.  His quick thinking allows him to get the ball to the receiver, and he is mobile enough to move around quite well.

Unlike Masoli, who is 5'10", Justin is 6'6" and has no problems seeing over the line.  He can quickly read the defense and get rid of the ball.  His playmaking skills and strong arm make him a great leader for this team.