Green Bay Packers: 5 on-the-Bubble Players Who Should Make the Team

Michael KimbleContributor IIIAugust 20, 2011

Green Bay Packers: 5 on-the-Bubble Players Who Should Make the Team

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    The Packers are coming into 2011 with a team that had many of its backups step up and contribute to a Super Bowl win. Of course, the depth of the Packers makes it difficult for them to look at signing many of the undrafted rookies or last year's practice squad members—even the ones that have shown flashes of promise.

    Regardless of the depth of the team, these are five players that the Packers should find a way to sign next year.

5. Josh Gordy

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    Josh Gordy didn't make a lot of noise last night against Arizona, but he played well and has had a good training camp so far, especially considering his performance in Cleveland, where he recorded both a sack and an interception.

    Gordy is no rookie. He was on the practice squad last year and his flashes of promise certainly warrant a look at joining the 53-man roster—especially considering the struggles fellow cornerbacks Jarrett Bush and Pat Lee have faced throughout their time in Green Bay.

4. M.D. Jennings

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    Jennings is an undrafted rookie and has shown promise in both preseason games thus far, especially in Cleveland, where he recorded an interception. Against Arizona, he led the team in tackles with seven, six of those tackles being solo.

    Jennings might not be given a serious look, as he is an undrafted rookie with a lot to prove, but given the questions around some of the third-string corners like Bush and Lee, he might find himself squeezing into the roster.

3. Brandian Ross

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    Ross is yet another corner who could find himself on the roster, especially considering his performance in Arizona, where he recorded the team's only interception.

    Ross has also been playing well in training camp. He was responsible for one of the biggest plays in camp thus far, intercepting an Aaron Rodgers pass and returning it for a touchdown.

    Ross has definitely shown promise and could very well find himself getting a spot on that final roster.

2. Graham Harrell

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    For most of last year, Harrell was on the practice squad, with Flynn and Rodgers being the only starting quarterbacks to be included on the final roster. However, Harrell still got a chance to improve and when Rodgers went down with an injury, he was added to the roster for the remainder of the year.

    Harrell struggled in Cleveland, but played better in Arizona, completing seven of nine for 81 yards and a touchdown. The Packers could benefit from having three quarterbacks on their roster, especially if Rodgers or Flynn were to go down with an injury.

    Harrell may not be ready to be a No. 2 quarterback, but his improvement during the course of this preseason deserves a spot on the final roster.

1. Chastin West

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    Early in training camp, Chastin West received the praise of Aaron Rodgers and he has had an outstanding training camp thus far. This culminated in a standout performance against Arizona, where he caught a 97-yard pass for a touchdown. West finished the night with five receptions and 134 yards, easily beating all the other receivers.

    West has certainly showed promise, the only thing that may keep him off the final roster is the depth of the receiving corps, who already have Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Randall Cobb. But if the Packers decide to add a sixth receiver, West might very well be the choice.