10 Most Awesome Throwback and Alternate Uniforms in NFL History

Ed OrzaCorrespondent IIAugust 20, 2011

10 Most Awesome Throwback and Alternate Uniforms in NFL History

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    It is of the utmost importance to look as cool as possible when playing any sport. 

    Everyone loves to look fresh on the field or in the stands. 

    Some fans hate the idea of alternate jerseys or funky throwbacks because they don't like to stray from tradition. 

    Others enjoy the respite from the usual gear out there on Sunday. 

    Enjoy a list of some of the classiest of gridiron attire. 

Carolina Panthers: Light Blue Jersey

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    Light blue always looks fly in a uniform.  

    Paired up with black and silver the result is a pretty awesome start to the list.

Seahawks: Lime Green

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    Neil Everett of Sportscenter said it best, "If you don't think these uniforms are awesome, then you need awesome lessons."  

Denver Broncos: 1980's and 1990's Throwbacks

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    A horse on its hind legs snorting smoke through the letter D, pretty cool. 

    Combine that with some bright orange and bright blue and you have a super 80's combination.  

    Even before HD TV the Broncos uniforms jumped off the screen. 

Houston Texans: Red Alternate Uniforms

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    I don't normally like red.  

    In this case I make an exception. 

    So what if all that red kind of looks like a pair of goofy pajamas, they're sweet pajamas.

    The obnoxious color scheme goes well with the Texans Ferrari-like offense. 

San Diego Chargers: Powder Blue Throwbacks

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    When you're talking about awesome uniforms you can't leave out the Chargers powder blues. 

    The yellow lightning bolts look crisp and snap off the shoulders. 

    The numbers on the helmet are always a nice touch. 

    The numbers are only included on the original version, the more recent version of the classic throwback is slightly different.  Both are still cool. 

Atlanta Falcons: Black Throwbacks with Red Helmets

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    Definitely one of the more gangster looking uniforms on the list. 

    Tons of old school 90's hip hop flow.

    Plus, red and black always looks pretty serious. 

    The red helmets give everything a little bit of an evil feel to it. 

    Combined with the retro socks, this set up has dirty south written all over it. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Creamsicles

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    These uniforms have so much funky swag it's ridiculous. 

    The creamsicle jerseys consist of a little bit of pimp flow, mixed with some 80's porn star mojo, topped off with some Miami Vice flavor.

Baltimore Ravens: All Black Alternate Uniforms

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    Is there a better team to rock all black unis than the Ravens? 

    Ray Lewis looks even more ferocious coming out on the field blacked out.

    Ed Reed might as well be out there in a ninja costume, thats how cool he looks in this uniform.

    A hard hitting, defensive minded team like the Ravens is worthy of the classic all black look. 

San Francisco 49ers: 1980's Throwbacks

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    The golden era for the 49ers was during the 80's when names like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, and others dazzled in Candlestick Park. 

    The gold in the pants is perfect, not too bright but still incredibly baller. 

    Clean white stripes look classy on the sleeves of the jersey.

    Yes, very recently San Francisco has adopted a uniform almost identical to this throwback as their standard jersey.

    Still, they did because the throwbacks were hella tight.  

    Gotta give some Frisco some love. 

Philadelphia Eagles: 1960's Throwbacks

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    The wings on this version of the Eagles helmet are more streamlined, and less cartoon looking.

    The green has much more soul than the weird teal of the Eagles current jerseys.  

    These uniforms reflect the gritty tough side of Philly while adding a little bit of flash.