LSU Tigers Stock Just Jumped Up: Jordan Jefferson Associated with a Bar Fight:

Tobe MooreContributor IIIAugust 19, 2011

JJ sacked for good?
JJ sacked for good?

I hate to see anyone get into trouble, but the news report today about Jordan Jefferson possibly being involved in a bar fight could be the best news for LSU football I've heard this summer.

I know a lot of fans buy into the reports every year that say, '"Jordan Jefferson has improved greatly and will be MUCH better this year.... blah blah blah."

The fact is, he has never had and never will have field vision.

I'm not going into more detail about all the reasons JJ should not be the starting QB at LSU, but I can assure you this: LSU will be a better offensive team with someone else behind the center this season.... preferably Zach Mettenberger.

Les Miles has always showed great loyalty to returning players, and while that may seem admirable, you need to put the best, most respected talent on the field.

This latest news about JJ in a bar scuffle could be just the excuse the coaching staff needs to get the best QB on the field, which without a doubt (at least in my mind) will boost LSU's stock and make them an even more serious contender for the national title.

Hopefully, JJ and the other players that were at the bar won't be in serous trouble.

But, it would be highly probable for Miles, who believes in high moral standards, to set an example by benching any players involved.       

Again, in my opinion, this could make some sweet Southern lemonade out of lemons...