I Know You Don't Want To Hear It: Coaching Change Please

Jeff KnowlesContributor INovember 13, 2008

My thought is, if we're starting from scratch, then lets start from scratch. 

The Detroit Lions are in the midst of their worst season ever and the future doesn't look too bright.  The one and only shining star over the horizon is a small things we call draft picks.  After the Roy Williams trade to Dallas, Detroit was given its best drafting opportunity in many years.  I don't think we want Rod Marinelli to have a say in the process.


I'll tell you why.  Rod Marinelli, with his 10-31 (24%) record is officially one of the worst Lions head coaches in history.  His main appeal was supposed to be motivation, and Detroit has one of the worst locker rooms in the NFL.  Marinelli is very likable, as a fan, but the pickup of many washed up Buccaneers has proved that his ability to evolve and find his own identity are still lacking.  This is not Tony Dungy's Tampa Bay team, it is supposed to be Rod Marinelli's Detroit Lions team.

So, where do we go from here.  Since, Bill Parcels is now off the market, I am all for pursuing Bill Cowher with any and all resources necessary.  I think the Lions should give him 100% control of the team, and I think they should also make him the highest paid coach in the NFL.  He's strong and will not take crap from anybody.  

As our new president-elect, Barrack Obama says, "Change is coming".  I'll believe it when I see it.