Mets GM Omar Minaya Keeping an Eye on Closers Market

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst INovember 12, 2008

In Marty Noble's latest column on, he says the Mets are keeping a eye out on the closers market.

According to Noble the Mets have said that they had no interest in Matt Holliday and their main priority is to get a starter and a closer as Minaya has stated many of times.

The Mets know Huston Street is out there, but to no avail they will most likely try to acquire a free agent closer because if they traded for a closer it would leave them with other holes to fill.

The Mets pecking order according to Noble is Brian Fuentes, Francisco Rodriguez, and Kerry Wood...If they don't get any of the three, they would turn to the Rockies and try and trade for Street.

Street becomes available because the Rockies have said that they will use Manny Corpus as their closer.

It is not likely that the Mets will give Rodriguez a big play here because he wants five years and $15 million, but if the price drops and years are kept to a minimal there is a possible chance the Mets might live with having the saves record holder.