Manchester City: 9 Reasons Why Sergio Aguero Is Better Than Carlos Tevez

Vijay MuraliAnalyst IAugust 19, 2011

Manchester City: 9 Reasons Why Sergio Aguero Is Better Than Carlos Tevez

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    Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini would have been satisfied with the team's performance in their Premier League opener against newcomers Swansea City, and their thumping 4-0 victory could set the tone for the season. City have made some intelligent signings like Stefan Savic and Gael Clichy, but it is the signing of Sergio Aguero that could prove to be the difference for the Citizens. Mancini was interested in signing the Argentina international and paid big money to secure the deal.

    Aguero is regarded as one of the best strikers in the world, and Manchester City have offered the striker the chance to display his potential in the Champions League as well as in the English Premier League. He had a fantastic debut for Manchester City, scoring two goals against Swansea and shrugging away any doubts on whether or not he could adjust to the Premiership. The striker is a high quality player who is certain to notch important goals during the course of the campaign.

    Though it was initially thought that Aguero was signed as a possible replacement for Carlos Tevez, there is every chance that the prolific striker could stay at the club despite the striker wanting to quit. Mancini will be happy to hold on to both Aguero and Tevez because if the duo can strike a partnership, it could prove to be the best strike force in the Premiership.

    Both Tevez and Aguero are both high quality strikers who are among the best in the world in their position, but, as supporters, it is inevitable that the two strikers will be compared. Though there are many reasons why Tevez can be considered to be a great striker for Manchester City, this is an article presenting why Aguero can be a better fit for Manchester City than Tevez.

1. Commitment to the Club

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    Kun Aguero is a player who was targeted by many clubs that were prepared to pay big money to sign the striker. However, the striker chose to sign for Manchester City, which is a new challenge for the 23-year-old. Aguero has shown the confidence in his abilities and is keen to showcase his potential for the club. The former Atletico Madrid striker could prove to be the difference to City and, having just signed for the club, could show commitment in his first season.

    Carlos Tevez is one of the league's best forwards, and manager Roberto Mancini made the striker captain for the last season. However, Tevez (and his agent) have made statements regarding his intention to leave the club, which could unsettle the team considering that their best player could be on the move. If Tevez does indeed stay at the club, it will be good news considering that he is a quality player, but constant rumors regarding his future does not help the team, which is why Aguero can be considered as an astute signing by City. 

2. Creativity and Assists

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    Aguero is a very creative and naturally gifted player, which helps him evade defenders and create goal-scoring opportunities. The tricky Argentina international also has the talent to pick the right passes, which means that he is also a player who can make important assists as well. The striker works hard and pulls defenders out of their position with his movement, and if he has the opportunity, also has the capability to make assists and display his creativity in general.

    Tevez is a different player compared to Aguero in this respect, considering that he is also a very hardworking player but uses his strength and technique to hold his own against the best defenders in the league. The former Manchester United striker is a natural goal-scorer as well but is not as creative as Aguero, though his ability in front of goal is undeniable.

    Tevez has established a good partnership with David Silva in the last season, but Aguero could be the player who could prove to be the key to Silva also playing at his best, considering that they are both very creative players. 

3. Younger and Higher Resale Value

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    Tevez is considered to be one of the best strikers in the world, but one of the main reasons that he is still in Manchester playing for City is that no other club have been able to meet City's inflated valuation of the midfielder. The main reason for this is that the striker is currently 27 years old and would have less resale value considering his age. Also, injuries could be a problem with his age, considering that he has already had problems in the past and puts a lot of stress on his body with every hardworking performance that makes him one of the finest strikers in the world.

    However, Aguero is a player who is approaching the prime years of his career, and at 23 he is ready for the next big thing in his career, which is why he did sign for Manchester City. Also, he only recently signed a long term contract with City, and, at this stage of his career, it is likely that he will spend the best years of his career at the club, which is good for the future of Manchester City. He also will have a high resale value considering that he is one of the most gifted players, and should he find form, City could profit immensely from the striker; though the last thing that will be on their minds will be to sell Aguero in the future.

4. Versatility

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    Though Aguero prefers playing as a centre forward if given the opportunity, he is also adept on the wings and as a second striker. The Argentina international has excellent pace and creativity and is comfortable on the wings where he has played in the past. Also, the striker is capable of producing moments of brilliance, which is why he is regarded as one of the most talented strikers in the world. Also, it will be interesting to see how he links with a target man like Edin Dzeko because Aguero's off-the-ball movement could mean that it will provide defenses with a number of problems.

    Tevez has been remarkably good since his controversial move to Manchester City and has been prolific for the club. However, he is comfortable playing in the centre forward role and is not very effective on the wings. If Tevez does play as the lone centre forward, it means that City do lack the aerial threat when the ball is delivered from wide areas. This was one of the main reasons why Mancini signed Dzeko, but the Bosnian and the Argentinean have not established a great partnership for City, which has meant that the tall striker has been benched on many occasions. 

5. Pace of Manchester City's Game

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    Aguero is one of the quickest players in the Premiership, and the Argentina international possesses a sharp brain which helps him create many goalscoring opportunities for himself and other strikers as well. He makes quick interchanges with midfielders that help them create opportunities and, in general, increases the pace of the game, which is good for City considering that they have a solid midfield with Yaya Toure being their most attacking central midfielder. 

    Tevez is also a player of the highest quality, and though his game suits Manchester City's style of play in the Premiership, it is necessary to play at a higher pace in the Champions League because it would give the side an advantage. Also, against teams like Arsenal who dominate possession, a player like Aguero who makes quick passes can also help in starting counter-attacks and his pace could be utilized effectively by Roberto Mancini's side.

6. Aguero's Signing Reduces Overreliance on Carlos Tevez

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    Though Manchester City have spent a lot of money in the transfer market, their most important player has been Carlos Tevez, who has been inspirational for the club. Tevez has been a talisman for the club and has been remarkably consistent for City, but it has meant that the club has become over-reliant on the Argentina international to a certain extent. At times without the inspirational striker, City did not play at their best, and it was clear that they did miss the services of Tevez, who has become unsettled in recent weeks.

    However, the signing of Aguero has meant that Mancini has a number of options at his disposal, and even if Tevez does not play or does leave the club, he has Aguero who is a high quality player. Also, with Dzeko coming close to his best form for the club, it could be interesting to see how Mancini rotates his players, especially considering that he also has Mario Balotelli to choose from. Aguero could possibly displace Tevez if the latter does not play at his best, and this competition could get the best from the duo.

7. Roberto Mancini's Authority Cannot Be Questioned

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    Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has had a number of difficult moments to face in his time as the City manager, but the Italian tactician has shown that he has the capability to build a successful team with the resources provided at the club. He has been able to build a good team chemistry with a good core of players in the team. However, his authority has come into question in the past especially from actions of some of the City's players and with Tevez expressing his opinion when he has been substituted in the past.

    However, with the signing of Aguero, it presents Mancini with more options, and should Tevez not be happy with his role in the team, the manager could always replace the striker with Sergio Aguero, who is not likely to throw tantrums in his first season with the club. It also means that Tevez could face competition from Aguero especially if the latter performs to the best of his abilities. Tevez would not be able to question the manager's authority and decisions because it could result in him losing his place to Aguero, which is why it could be one of the best signings for the club.

8. Goals for Manchester City and Better Foil for David Silva

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    Aguero is a player who is certain to bring in a number of goals for the club, and his tricky, intelligent play is certain to add a lot of creativity to the team. The talented Argentina international brings in a lot of pace and creativity, and his quick style of passing helps the forwards to link up well with midfielders, opening up opportunities to shoot for midfielders as well. Aguero is a player who makes numerous runs and drags defenders alongside him, which means that he could help in creating opportunities for others as well.

    David Silva is arguably Manchester City's most creative midfielder, and though the Spanish international had a good 2010-11 season, he has still got more to offer to the club. And a player like Aguero, who can interchange quick passes with Silva, can produce the best from the Spaniard, who can also score more goals in the future.

    Though Aguero can be immense for City in the future, it will still be difficult for him to replace Tevez, who has been very prolific for City. Tevez has been inspirational to the club, and his combination with Silva was also excellent and helped create opportunities for City in the last season. 

9. Aguero-Tevez-Silva Could Be the Best Forward Line in the Premiership

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    This slide is not about why Aguero is better than Tevez because as it stands today, there is every chance that both strikers can play together in the Premiership. Aguero could form an excellent partnership with the former Manchester United striker and could prove to be an excellent signing for the future. Tevez and Aguero are two of the best strikers in the world, and if they both strike a good partnership, then there is every chance that they could challenge for the Premier League title.

    David Silva is one of the best creative players in the league, and though he can also play as an attacking midfielder, he could play on the wings this season as well, especially if City can sign Arsenal's Samir Nasri. Silva can play incisive passes, and, with the movement of Aguero and Tevez, City can create more opportunities.

    City also have an extremely strong bench comprising of the likes of Edin Dzeko, Mario Balotelli and Adam Johnson, and, with such a strong squad, it can be envisaged that they will fight for the title along with other teams like Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United. Mancini would be pleased if he can retain Tevez and Aguero, and should Tevez stay for this season, there is every chance that they can go far in the Champions League and have a good chance of challenging for the Premiership.