Pittsburgh Steelers Cause Overreactions After Ugly Philadelphia Eagles Loss

WesAnalyst IAugust 19, 2011

Odds are good this was going to be a pick.
Odds are good this was going to be a pick.

Talk about your all-time overreactions.

On one side you have people who think Michael Vick stinks, Juan Castillo is overmatched and Casey Matthews was a terrible pick after the first-team offense and defense looked pathetic in a 24-14 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night.

And on the other side fans think It was just a meaningless preseason game and everyone should pretend like it happened because when the Eagles go to St. Louis to open the season none of this will matter.

An argument can be made for both sides, but the truth lies somewhere in between.

Look, you can't ignore the fact that Vick threw three interceptions and could have thrown more. It was easily the worst game Vick played as an Eagle and statistically speaking it was his worst game ever as he finished with a 15.5 quarterback rating.

To go off the deep end and say he's been figured out or that this game doesn't matter is ludicrous.

People who think Vick has been figured out probably watch games On Demand and pretend they are coaches who break down film and can explain why Vick played poorly. And those who think the game doesn't matter apparently have some sort of an infection because they bleed green.

Why can't we just say he played bad because he made poor decisions and Pittsburgh confused him while also saying this game was not the norm and an excellent opportunity for him to learn from his mistakes?

You also have to acknowledge how poorly the defense played under Castillo's watch and how he couldn't find a way to stop the Steelers, especially on third down.

I hope people realize this was his second game as a defensive coordinator.

Teams didn't scrimmage this year or have a chance to work in the offseason due to the NFL lockout and coaches like Castillo are going to struggle at times.

No one should look at his performance as an indication that he is going to be a terrible coach.

His defense was exposed often and it was good that it happened because it will allow him to learn his players' capabilities. Don't toss out the game because it was the second preseason game. Learn from it.

Other teams will try to do the same things as the Steelers and when they do Castillo will be better prepared for it.

And did Matthews look bad along with the rest of the team? Absolutely.

Similar to Castillo this was the second game of Matthews' career. Maybe it was a good thing he looked like an overmatched rookie.

What if his poor play causes Reid to sign a veteran linebacker before the season starts? Or suppose it causes Reid to take Matthews out of the middle and put him on the outside where he may flourish.

The game could be a blessing in disguise for the Eagles so don't dismiss the game as it meaning nothing.

There will be a lot of fools out there like Dennis Tresca who believes Vick's performance last night was typical, while blowhards like Jeff Shull believe he has cracked the code and identified a problem many of us knew already existed.

Pay no mind to any of that stuff, but don't brush this game off like it means nothing.

And if you can't come to terms with how bad the Eagles looked last night, remind yourself the Eagles won the NFC East last year.

This is a franchise that clearly knows how to win. They didn't go out to Pittsburgh and suddenly forget how to play the game.

It may have looked that way, but I'm pretty confident things will be turn around because the Eagles have a pedigree of winning. They may not have Super Bowls, but they aren't going to turn into the 2008 Detroit Lions after one dismal performance against the Steelers.