Daily Haze: Best Fantasy Team Names, EA Sports and the Best New Tailgating Games

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Daily Haze: Best Fantasy Team Names, EA Sports and the Best New Tailgating Games

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The college football season starts in two weeks. TWO WEEKS PEOPLE!

Hard to believe that actual, live football is right around the corner after what seemed like the longest offseason ever. Glad all that mess is behind us. Now we can focus on the fun stuff, like voting for the best fantasy football team name of the summer.

Still a few weeks left in that contest. Winner cleans up: Mardi Gras prize pack from The Hazean, free t-shirt from Art of the Fan, free draft kit from FFXtreme (we will try to end the contest in time to use this, now that I think about it) and a free Fantasy Football Draft and In-season Package from Fantasy Football Knuckleheads.

Lots of different stuff happened here at The Hazean this week sprinkled in with our normal fantasy football coverage. Hope y’all enjoyed it. Some of the highlights:

Fantasy Mailbag

Good questions this week via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure to sign up for either or both to have your questions answered next week!

Tony Ward asks: Bigger upside this year…..Danny Thomas or Ryan Williams?

It has to be Daniel Thomas. The Dolphins did sign Reggie Bush, but are you really concerned he is capable of being the main running back? You shouldn’t be.

bryan_CTP asks: How/should league size (10 teams vs 16 teams for example) change your drafting strategy in snake drafts?

Position scarcity, in my opinion, becomes more important. If you read any Matthew Berry, you know he has crazy man-love for Michael Vick and Antonio Gates. In smaller leagues, I think these two players are less valuable. But in a big league like this, I think they are far more valuable. Think about the difference between Vick and the 16th best QB or Gates and the 16th best TE … tremendous advantage for your team if you can get either — or both! — of those players.

 Ruby Gilbert asks: In a 10 man ppr, picking at #10…mendy, mjd, mcfadden or gore?

If you are in a 10-man league and have the last spot in the first round, that means you should have picks 10 and 11 assuming you are doing a snake draft. If that is the case, I would hedge my bets here: Take Mendenhall and McFadden. You get the goal-line, work-horse back in Mendenhall and the home-run, pass-catcher in McFadden. Should be a really good backfield.

@shinobi373 asks: Being that I am in a PPR league, should I devalue QB’s and focus on WR, TE, and pass catching RB’s?

Not really. This is not an apples-to-apple comparison. Sure, you still want to get lots of RBs and WRs and a high-value tight end. But you do not have to devalue quarterbacks to make that happen. Pick a quarterback when you are comfortable doing so, but don’t feel the need to reach for or let QBs fall because of these league settings.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • Looking for some value picks in the middle rounds of your draft? Look no further. All four of these players have the potential for big seasons, but I think Matt Ryan may be the most break-through worthy of them all. [Hatty Waiver Wire Guru]
  • It must have been nice being an Antonio Gates owner during his prime. I never had the pleasure. While most believe he should be elite again this season, some are wondering if Gates is on the verge of a drop-off. It could have already started (see: nagging injuries). [SI.com]
  • Matthew Berry published his fantasy rankings for the 2011 season. This is note-worthy because he has the gusto to make Michael Vick his No. 1 player overall. Gutsy. [ESPN.com]
  • More cautionary tales for those liking Sam Bradford this season. What concerns me, still, is the lack of a tree No. 1 receiver. There are a staple of good complementary receivers on this team (Mike Sims-Walker, Danny Amendola, etc.) but still no consistent threat. Maybe someone will emerge. [Fantasy Douche]
  • Who is trusting Dwayne Bowe this year? I owned him last season, and it was great. But that was mainly because the price was right (got him in the mid-rounds). This year, you have to pony up an early pick for Bowe and make him your WR1. [The Big Lead]

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