Peyton Hills Moves to Halfback, Denver Broncos Having Flashbacks to '04?

William LippContributor INovember 12, 2008

This week against Atlanta, Denver fullback Peyton Hillis will start at halfback.

Taking a look back to 2004 when a similar move was made with Reuben Droughns, everyone in Broncoland can only hope for similar success. Droughns had been the starting fullback when his name was called to run the ball, he was able to amass 1,240 yards that season.

Will Hillis repeat that success?  While he looked solid in last weeks game, it probably isn't something to get too excited about. He was a seventh-round pick and couldn't see any time at the position in college. Peyton Hillis played games at  tight end and fullback, only to look like a solid player.

But then again, this is Denver. Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson, and of course, Reuben Droughns all came from no where with little to no experience. Maybe, just maybe, Hillis can repeat their feats.

A serious problem that may arise is a lack of a fullback. Without Hillis blocking, Denver will have to rely on a fullback who hasn't seen time all season at the position. A single back set will more than likely be the game plan, but that just doesn't work quite as well to get the serious yards needed to be considered great.

Well, Peyton Hillis (who until this week I have been mistakenly calling Patrick), good luck and godspeed.